Tuesday, August 19

Matt Chan is one of the best CrossFit athletes in the world. Earlier this year he had a mountain biking accident that threatened his life. He and his wife were recently interviewed about the accident and his recovery and by the end of the video the conclusion is obvious – being fit can save your life. It’s easy to think about CrossFit as a sport and get caught up in the competition side of things, but this is a fitness program that is supposed to make your life better and easier. Being fit and healthy doesn’t just pay off in the gym. It can keep you safe and make your recovery from accidents exponentially faster. Don’t put off being healthy any longer. Make the right food choices and get fit before it is too late.

The video does have some graphic footage from the accident.

Workout for Tuesday, August 19
EMOTM for 14 min
Odd Min: 4 Deadlifts (255/175), 5 Bar Hop Burpees
Even Min: 30 sec Plank Hold (Push Up Position)

For Time:
Row 1000m Buy In, then:
30 T2B
20 Push Press (115/85)
20 T2B
10 Push Press