Friday, October 3

A couple of reminders for upcoming events: Barbells for Boobs will be Saturday, November 8. Please seek donations for your workout and send anyone that wants to donate to this page
We have a team goal of $2000 and I think we should easily hit that, but we need your help. Please drum up as much support as possible for this great event.

On Sunday, November 9 Tom is taking the guys out fishing. At least some of the guys. There is limited space in his boat and there will be a few trips during the day so more people can go, but if you want in you need to send Tom a message ASAP. If you want more details check out the post on our Facebook page.

Workout for Friday, October 3

Push Press 3X5 @ 75%, 2X7 @ 60%

For Time:
Row 750m
50 Air Squats
50 Pull Ups
200 Double Unders

Once Off The Rower, EMOTM do 5 Burpees.