Tuesday, October 21

We all know we should be eating healthy, but sometimes we fall off the wagon (or fail to get on in the first place). It’s also easy to make excuses why you can’t eat healthy. One of the big reasons we always here for not eating a clean, fresh diet is that it is too expensive. Well, eating farm-fresh stuff every day may cost a little more than eating the cheapest process crap you can find, but it is worth it in every way.

First of all, eating real food will keep you healthy and that means less money spent on medical care throughout your life. As this great article, How to Eat Real Food for Cheap, says, “have you priced out disease lately?”

Also, look at what else you are spending money on. If you spend a few more bucks each week on real food, could you save that money elsewhere by not buying, oh, I don’t know… beer? If you aren’t willing to sacrifice the beer, you could probably save the money by skipping one meal at a restaurant each week.

It’s really not that hard to eat clean, healthy, real food. We should all care more about ourselves and what goes into our bodies – that should be the last thing we are cheap about! Read the article for some tips on how to eat real food for cheap and make the effort to get on track with your diet.

Workout for Tuesday, October 21
EMOTM for 10 min
Odd Min: 5 DeadLifts (275/185) then ME Ring Dips
Even Min: Rest

8 min AMRAP
15 Box Jump Overs (20″)
7 T2B
Rest 3 min
8 min AMRAP
20 Box Step Ups (24/20)
10 Slam Ball Sit Ups (30/20)