Tuesday, July 7

Sometimes movements seem very simple so we tend to give them as much attention as more complicated ones. However, even the simplest movement has a purpose and should be done correctly. I’m talking about leg swings today. We use this movement to warm up the hip joint for a lot of different movements in the gym. It’s easy to casually swing the leg around and feel like you are getting warmed up, but if you’re doing it wrong you aren’t getting the benefits

We always want the pelvis and upper body to remain still during leg swings. The leg should swing (hence the name) not your back. Check out the video below for a great explanation of this. Remember, this same principle applies to side-to-side leg swings.

Next time we do these, think about what’s going on with your back and upper body. Make sure your abs are tight and you aren’t compromising your back position to get a bigger range of motion. The warm up movements are designed to warm up specific parts of the body and get us ready for the workout to come. If you aren’t doing the warm up movements correctly, you won’t be ready for the workout.

Workout for Tuesday, July 7
20 min to complete: Strict Press
3 sets of 10 reps
Build Up in Weight
Push Press
2 sets of 10 reps
Build Up in Weight

Beginner Strength
3X3 Strict Press @ 45/22 lbs or + 5-10 lbs
3X3 Push Press @ 65/33 lbs or + 5-10 lbs