Wednesday, July 15

The beach WOD will start at 10 am sharp on Saturday. Please try to arrive a few minutes before that. We will meet just South of the shower building as shown on the map below. There is a big yellow fish on the map marking the meeting spot. There is not really a big yellow fish on the beach.


Workout for Wednesday, July 15
EMOTM for 4 min:
Strict Press, 7 Reps (start @ 50% – 55% of 1RM)
Rest 2 min
EMOTM for 4 min:
Push Press, 7 Reps (start with end weight of Strict Press)
Build Up in Weight as able.

Beginner Strength:
First EMOTM Strict Press, 5 Reps @ 45/22 lbs
Second EMOTM Push Press, 5 Reps @ 65/33 lbs
Or + 5 to 10 lbs from last press and push press

12 min AMRAP:
Row 250m
8 KB Push Press (Right Arm)
8 KB Goblet Squats
8 KB Push Press (Left Arm)