Friday, July 24

Next Wednesday is a Wednesday FriendsDay! Bring a friend to any class on July 29 to try CrossFit for the first time!

Weekly Roundup:
1. I posted the trailer to a documentary called Just Eat It a while ago about how much food gets wasted in this country. John Oliver is now on the story and it’s out of control. We are throwing out more than one third of the food we produce! Plus food expiration dates are nonsense and the government is such a mess we can’t fix it. It’s really, really infuriating. Watch the video for the full story. It’s got bad language and dirty jokes mixed in, but the story is worth watching.

2. On a lighter note, who doesn’t like a good CrossFit/Taylor Swift parody?

Workout for Friday, July 24
2X7 @ 70%
2X7 @ 75%
2X4 @ 80%
One Set Every 2:15

Beginner Strength
6 sets of 5 @ 115/85 or plus 10-20 lbs from last time deadlifting.

Walking Lunges
Pull Ups
Med Ball Cleans
Up and Outs

For 16 rounds work through the list changing movements every 30 sec.