Monday, October 5

Happy Monday! We hope you had a great weekend and took some time to recover from the stress of the work week and the hard work you’ve put in at the gym last week. We’re back at it this week continuing the mission to better ourselves and our fitness.

A quick note, Muskegon CrossFit is hosting a partner (same sex) competition Called Halloween Havoc on Saturday, October 24th. This is a great competition for all levels of CrossFitters because there is no “RX” nor “Scaled” divisions. The scoring for the workouts will be based on a point system allowing anyone to compete even if you don’t have all the skills dialed in and strength of Hulk. Check out their¬†Website for more information.

We’ve got some pretty heavy deadlifts going on today. If you’re at the gym a few minutes before class and don’t know what to do with yourself then you should be getting those hamstrings and glutes ready to create some power. K-Star talks about “flossing” and “cleaning up” those hamstrings with the ball. This is a great example of rolling with a purpose! Passively rolling muscle tissue might help a little bit, but we might as well make our time spent on mobility more worth while. Pay attention to how he approaches the angle of pressure and how much pressure he’s applying. Give it a shot tomorrow if you’ve got time!

Workout for Monday, October 5
2X3 @ 80%
1X3 @ 85%
2X1 @ 90%
2X1 @ 95%

Beginner Strength: Deadlift 5X5 @ 115/85 lbs or + 10 to 20 lbs from last deadlift day.

For Time:
Deadlifts (155/105)