Tuesday, November 3

We’ve got a few things coming up in November you need to know about!

First, we are the studio of the month at lululemon! This means every Wednesday for the next three weeks we will be opening our doors to the community. This is a chance for new people to experience CrossFit. FitClub will be at 7 pm on Wednesday Nov. 4, 11, and 18. You are more than welcome to attend these classes, but they will have a different workout than the regular CrossFit classes throughout the day to accommodate for first time CrossFitters. Also, if you’d like to introduce a friend to CrossFit you can bring him or her to any of the FitClub classes.

Please note that Wednesday, November 18 will be the Wednesday FriendsDay for November. We will not have FriendsDay on the last Wednesday of November because it is the day before Thanksgiving.

We will have an adjusted schedule for the days around Thanksgiving.
Wednesday, November 25
6pm and 7pm Classes are canceled

Thursday, November 26
Open Gym 7:30am – 9:30am (Gym closes at 9:30am)

Friday, November 27
11am CrossFit Class
12pm CrossFit Class

Saturday is back to the regular schedule

Workout for Tuesday, November 3
20 min AMRAP
Run 400m
Max Effort Pull Ups
*Each time you drop from the bar you must Run Again*
**Score is total number of Pull Ups**

Tabata of:
HR Push Ups
Mountain Climbers
*8 Rounds of each