Thursday, November 19

We are testing our 1-rep max snatch today. This will be the first time many of you have tested this lift with a significant load and it can be a little intimidating. But with proper technique you can safely move quite a bit of weight.

Of course, proper technique in the snatch is easier said than done. We go through the positions of the pull all the time, focusing on the bar path and a violent opening of the hips before the arms bend and you pull yourself under. Sometimes when we add speed to these things our technique breaks down.

As you are working up today, make sure you’re only going up in weight if the previous lift was of good quality. Don’t start muscling things up just because you’re strong and letting your snatch technique take a back seat.

Here’s a slo-mo video of Colin Burns snatching 169 kg (373 lbs), which a the time set a new American record. Watch this a few times and pay attention to the bar path. Watch how his hips and shoulders rise together, knees get back and he keeps the bar close – all the way into his hips – and finishes through power position. Then he jumps with straight arms and pulls himself under the bar. Of course, he makes it look a lot easier than it is, but hopefully this helps you visualize the lift for yourself. Also, check out all of Hookgrips videos here for tons of slo-motion snatches and clean and jerks from the best lifters in the world.

Here’s another video from All Things Gym that shows the same lift at slo-mo and full speed.

Workout for Thursday, November 19
20 min to Establish 1RM Snatch

8 min AMRAP
2-4-6-8-10…Increasing by 2 reps each round
Overhead Squats (135/95)
Bar Hop Burpees