Tuesday, December 15

I heard someone tell a story about working out next to a guy that made burpees look very easy and after the workout he asked the guy how he was so good at burpees. The guy told him that he practices every day. He said he does 100 burpees every day when he wakes up.

Seems crazy at first, but this guys never struggles with burpees in a workout. In fact, he thinks that’s the easy part of the workout.

It got me thinking about how much better some workouts are when you’re really good at one of the movements. You basically get to treat that part of the workout as rest. What if burpees were rest?

Burpees are a very low-skill movement that most of us hate. However, because they are low-skill and not too taxing on the central nervous system you can practice them a lot. Burpees, and other movements like them, are in workouts a lot to get your heart rate up and make the other things you have to do harder.

But what if burpees weren’t hard? What if you did a hundred every day? How would your approach change?

I’m not saying you need to do 100 burpees a day, but I think we should change our mindset on burpees. They may never be an “easy” movement for you, but I believe they can be easier than they are right now.

It’s a lot easier to get good at burpees than muscle ups or snatches. And I’m not saying you shouldn’t practice those too, but let’s embrace the burpee and not let it ruin our day anymore!

Workout for Tuesday, December 15
Complete 5 Working Sets, One Every 2:30
1 High Hang Full Snatch (Power Position)
1 Hang Snatch (Top of Knee)
1 Overhead Squat (3 sec hold in bottom)
*Start Light, Build Up in Weight*

Front Squat
1X10 @ 60%
1X6 @ 75%
1X4 @ 85%

4 Rounds
25 Wall Balls
Rest 1 min