Tuesday, December 29

We have cleans on the schedule today and as you all know (or should know), you always use the hook grip when cleaning or snatching. You do, don’t you?

We know the hook grip is uncomfortable when you first start lifting, but ask anyone that’s been doing it a while and they will assure you that it gets better and they never really think about it anymore. And, you’ll start hook gripping everything without even noticing it.

So why do we use the hook grip? Mainly because it allows us to hold on to weights that are moving at a high speed. You won’t have to squeeze the bar as hard and you can focus on engaging the proper muscles to lift the weight rather than worry about the bar slipping out of your hands.

Here’s a great article from Catalyst Athletics on why we use the hook grip and here’s a video below from Project Lift on the importance of the hook grip.

Workout for Tuesday, December 29
EMOTM for 5 min
2 Full Cleans + 1 Jerk @ 60-70% of Clean
EMOTM for 5 min
2 Full Cleans +1 Jerk @ 70-80%
Every 2 min for 10 min
1 Clean and Jerk @ 80% +

Back Squats
2X5 @ 70%
1X2 @ 80%
2X1 @ 85%

Double Under Practice
3 min Max Double Unders or 3 min DU Practice
Rest 2 min
3 min Max Cal Ride

Hip Mobility