Friday, January 22

The Holiday Party is next Saturday at Fifth Third Ballpark! The party starts at 7 pm and will be in the Pepsi Stadium Club, which is located just behind the centerfield wall at the ballpark. When you drive in to the parking lot from the highway or West River Dr. you will be on the correct side of the ballpark and should follow the signs to the Stadium Club. I’ll post a map at the gym soon too.

Also, before the party is the In-House Competition. We have a full field of competitors and we’re looking forward to a great day. Registration starts at 8 am and the last workout should be complete by 12 pm with a short awards ceremony right after. We could probably use a few more volunteers to help with judging if you are available. Also, please invite your friends and family to watch!


2. If Coke ads told the truth…

3. Crisp P. Bacon

Workout for Friday, January 22
Snatch Practice – Every 2 min for 10 min
2 Full Snatch
Start No Higher than 60% of 1RM Snatch

Rest 4 min, then:

EMOTM for 20 min
Odd Min: 5 Deadlifts @ 60% + 50 Double Unders
Even Min: Steady Pace Burpees (aim for 10-15 reps)

*Get at least 20 sec rest on odd min*