Tuesday, February 16

Check out this story on NBA MVP Steph Curry and how he had to rebuild and retrain his body due to bad ankles that repeatedly got injured early in his career. There’s a video below, but the article details his rehab and training better.

One of the big focuses on his training after his second ankle surgery was to transfer more of his loading to the hips. The hips are the big movers of the body in training and sport and if you’re not using them, you are missing out on power, speed, control and every other aspect of athleticism.

Curry, Lyles believed, was already among the best in the world at changing direction. But the guard overwhelmingly relied on his ankles for speed and quickness. Those body parts appeared to be basketball’s take on the mythical wings of Icarus: melting, as if made of wax, from overuse and ambition. But what if Curry could add another way to fly? “Shiftiness is an ankle strategy,” Lyles explains, “but power comes from the hips. We wanted to teach Steph how to load his hips to help unload his ankles.”

This is why we squat with the hips rather than the knees. And why the hips can help us elevate over a bar or rings rather than relying on just the shoulders. And why we want fast flexion of the hip (driving the knees up) when sprinting. Getting the hips (glutes) active makes your body work better and keeps the smaller joints safe.

If it worked for the NBA MVP, it will probably work for you too!

Workout for Tuesday, February 16
Front Squats
1X6 @ 60%
1X5 @ 70%
2X4 @ 75-80%
1X2 @ 85%
1X1 @ 85%+

Aerobic Builder
8 min of Rowing/Riding
4 min of Burpees to Target
8 min of Rowing/Riding
*Both Movements Should be done at moderate/steady pace.