Wednesday, March 23

So everyone is guessing we will see thrusters again on Friday for 16.5 and after watching a bunch of thrusters on Monday, there are some things we can do to make them easier.

The biggest thing is making sure we are not violating the principle of core-to-extremity movement. Core-to-extremity simply means that all of the power we can generate in our bodies starts in the core (in the big muscles) and ripples out to the extremities (small muscles).

In a thruster, that means that the hips and legs must extend first before you begin the press with the arms. We saw a lot of people pressing early on Monday and when that happens you are losing a lot of power and making your thrusters feel a lot harder than they already are.

You’ll need to work on a couple of things to fully take advantage of the core-to-extremity push in the thruster. First, you need a good front rack position, with the barbell resting comfortably on the shoulders. Second, you need speed out of the squat portion of the thruster. You should literally pop the bar off your shoulders with you leg drive, then begin the press.

It’s all about timing, but when done correctly, thrusters should feel a lot better. You will take a lot of pressure off the wrists by getting the bar into a good front rack and you’ll be more efficient if you get a good pop of the hips at the top of the squat.

Watch the video below for more tips on the thruster and some shots of people doing it wrong and how to fix it.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and not see thrusters Friday, but if we do, let’s make them as easy as possible!

Workout for Wednesday, March 23
For Time:
Toes 2 Bar
Wall Balls (20 to 10′, 14 to 10′)

7 min AMRAP
9 Ball Slams
6 Box Jumps (Step Down)