Wednesday, April 20

Carbohydrates. To some of us this is a bad word. We avoid them like the plague because we’re afraid of getting fat. But what are carbs and why do we need them?

There are three macro nutrients – carbs, fats, and proteins – and all three play a role in our bodies performance. Today we’re talking carbs and how they can affect our performance.

The big question for most of us is how many grams of carbs should I eat in a day. The answer is that it is completely based on your activity levels for the day. The more active you are, the more carbs you need for energy. (Also, the quality of your carbs should always be a consideration.)

This goes the other way too, the less active, the less carbs needed. For most of us that workout for about an hour a day we can get away with a moderate amount of carbohydrates and still feel good. If you’re running a marathon or Spartan Race that’s going to take a few hours you’ll probably want to get in some extra carbs on that day (or the day before).

And if you’re going to Netflix and chill all day you probably need less carbs.

Carbs are the best source of immediate energy for the body, but if you don’t use them they’re going to get stored as fat. And no one wants that.

So how do you know how much to eat? Well, usually it takes some experimentation. Eat a lot of carbs on a workout day and see how you feel. Eat fewer on another day and pay attention to your performance there. Carry out these mini-experiments for a week or two and see if you like how you feel and look. If not, start making adjustments.

Watch the video below from Dr. Mike Israetel, author of The Renaissance Diet, on carbs and how they affect performance. And don’t be afraid of carbs. Just learn how to use them to your advantage!

Workout for Wednesday, April 20
Back Squat
2X7 @ 70%
2X5 @ 75%
2X4 @ 80%

Weighted Pull Ups
*Scale with Negatives or Weighted Negatives*

Airdyne Intervals, 10 Rounds
Work 15 sec
Rest 45 sec