Friday, April 29

We’re looking forward to the weightlifting meet on Saturday. Hope to see you all there. Remember, this is a no-pressure event. Come max out your snatch and clean and jerk. Don’t worry about weighing in if you don’t want to. Just come have fun and stick around for the BBQ. The meet starts at 9 am!

Weekly Roundup – Instagram Edition!


#weeklygeek Knee position is an important piece of our training for both knee health and overall performance in our movement. You might be surprised to find an athlete that struggles with knees caving in one movement will struggle across the board. Squatting: In the first front squat my knees cave in on the way up which is the most common. The second rep shows me with my knees tracking on both the down and up. Pressing: In the first rep of the push press you will see my knees cave in the descent of the dip. The second rep they track. Jumping: In the first box jump you will see my knees cave in both the jumping and landing phase of the movement. The second rep they are tracking. If you or an athlete you work with struggle with a collapsing knee in one movement watch for it in others. It’s also common in running and pulling heavier weight off the floor. How do we fix it? Use lighter weight to work correct positions that will strengthen the glutes and hammies which is what is required to keep the knees out. There are also a host of other movements that are specific to targeting and strengthening the glutes that can be helpful. Watch for stance width and toes out vs in as well. It’s not “right” or “wrong”. The best stance is one that allows us to have all the points of performance required…. in this case, specifically driving the knees out. To check out the full video breakdown go to and click on “the vault” or and click on “the experience”. #iconathlete #teamspeal

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just give me 35/45 minutes to sit here. please & thank you.

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Workout for Friday, April 29
Every 2 min for 10 min
7 Push Press (start no higher than 65% of 1RM Push Press)
Building Up to Heavy 7 reps

EMOTM for 13 min
5 Pull Ups
5 T2B
10 Push Ups
Rest 1 min, then:
300 Double Unders for Time (or 4 min DU Practice)