Thursday, June 2

Our competition – The MidSummer Meltdown – is coming up in a couple of weeks (June 18). A lot of you have signed up to compete and volunteer and it looks like we are going to have a great crowd here on competition day.

We could still use a few more volunteers to help with judging and general operations that day. If you sign up by Friday you will get a volunteer t-shirt to wear on event day. (The shirts for all volunteers will be men’s t-shirt).

We are expecting close to 100 competitors, plus spectators and workers so we’ll have plenty of stuff to help with from set-up to shut-down. We will have a couple of meetings for judges leading up to the event to go over movement standards and some general judging principles.

Volunteers will be getting an email soon about the time and date for those meetings.

Workout for Thursday, June 2
Power Snatch – Touch and Go Reps
5 min to Find Starting Weight – 1 Set Every 2 Min
Build Up in Weight as Reps Decrease

EMOTM 16 min
Min 1: Max Effort Rope Climbs
Min 2: Max Effort Double Unders
Min 3: Max Cal Airdyne
Min 4: Rest