Wednesday, June 8

We talk about hip extension a lot. Powerful hip extension is key to any athletic movement and it’s how we can move a barbell most effectively.

The problem we see most often is that the hips do not fully extend during the fast lifts – snatch, clean, jerk.

If you are cutting your hip extension short, you are losing power and you are making the lift more difficult.

Cues you here us say a lot like “squeeze your butt” are meant to get you to full hip extension.

However, no matter how much we talk about it sometimes it’s easier if you can see it.

Check out the video below demonstrating LACK of hip extension in the first two reps and FULL hip extension in the final two reps of the three movements. And please read his description below for further explanation.

#weeklygeek Hip Extension can be one of those difficult things to identify as both an athlete and coach. It’s role in creating momentum on a barbell and increasing potential efficiency and performance can’t be neglected. Many of us have a hard time identifying it. In the first two reps of each of the movements: Push Jerk Clean Snatch I am not opening my hip. The movement may “sound” aggressive and noisy but I’m not elevating the bar with my legs like I could with hip extension. The last two reps of each movement show me reaching hip extension. This creates upward momentum on the bar allowing more elevation as well as time to drive or pull under the weight. What to look for as a coach? When your athlete is in the air they should have extended (or straight) knees and hips. You should basically be able to draw a line from their shoulder down through their heels. This happens quickly see watch closely. What to feel as an athlete? The “finish”. You should feel like you are continuing to “reach” for the ceiling in the jump. Often thinking about squeezing your quads and butt or getting your shoulders behind the bar in the jumping phase can be helpful cues. To see a full video breakdown and get some additional coaching cues visit and click on “the vault” or and click on “the experience”. #iconathlete #teamspeal

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Workout for Wednesday, June 8
Toes to Bar
Slam Ball Twists
Overhead Plate Lunges (45/25)
Anti-Twist Holds (alternate Left and Right hands)

Complete ALL 8 Rounds of each movement before starting next.

Music Fun
“Bring Sally Up”
Push Ups
Rest 1 min