Tuesday, September 6

GPP – General Physical Preparedness.

That’s basically what we do in CrossFit. We aren’t specializing in one thing, but we are trying to be pretty good at a lot of things. But we’re also just getting ourselves ready for everything else in life outside of the gym.

I’ve heard a few coaches from other gyms discussing this recently in contrast with CrossFit Games training. GPP and training for the sport of CrossFit are very different things. And even if you like to throw down in a local comp from time to time, you should still be preparing your body for the tasks of every day life.

The video below features some coaches explaining their gym’s GPP program and why it is important. Knowing how your body should move, training all aspects of fitness, and keeping your body moving well as you get older are all things we should be thinking about as we train.

Understanding the method of training should help you set goals and reach them. Check out the video for more thoughts on GPP and how it prepares you for the life ahead.

Workout for Tuesday, September 6
1 RM Front Squat
1X3 @ 60%
1X3 @ 70%
1X3 @ 75%
1X2 @ 80%
1X1 @ 85%
1X1 @ 90%
1X1 @ 100%
1X1 @ 100%+

EMOTM for 10 min
13 Wall Balls (20# to 10′ / 14# to 9′)