Friday, October 7

On next Saturday, October 15, we will not have any Saturday classes. We have at least 14 teams competing in the Fittest of the Fall competition at Lake State CrossFit in DeWitt. Click here for more info on the event.

Weekly Roundup!

1. Prep your calves! This could help a lot of you that suffer from achilles pain or tight calves. It could also help relieve some of those shin splints by loosening up your calves and balancing you out front to back in the lower leg. Give it a try before our next running/jumping workout. I can testify that the eccentric calf work has done wonders for my achilles pain.

2. Start ’em young!

Workout for Friday, October 7
Front Squat
3X2 @ 80%
3X2 @ 85%

For Time
Double Unders
Calorie Row