Wednesday, October 19

The next round of Fueling Activity – our nutrition/meal plan group – is set to begin on October 24. You can sign up for the group through the end of this week. The cost is $50 for a full meal plan for the month, plus personal advice on nutrition, goals and more.

If you were in the group for the last month you do need to let us know if you want to do month two. You will not automatically renew.

We’ve had a lot of people lose significant weight and fat during the first month. Pounds and inches were dropped rapidly by those that stuck to the plan and were consistent throughout the month.

Here’s just a couple of testimonials from round one:

“I didn’t measure my waist with a tape but three weeks in I had to buy new jeans 2″ smaller in the waist and as a write this they are sagging already. The scale says I lost 7 lbs but my muscles are larger, feel harder, and I feel like my workouts are better.”

“Lost 11 pounds and 1″. Energy level increased. I got things done around the house after dinner instead of crashing from what I now realize was poor diet and timing of my meals. At the gym I hit a PR and felt like I had more stamina as the 4 weeks went on.”

If you have any questions about the program please let us know before you sign up. We want to educate you on how much to eat and when to eat particular foods so you can get the most out of your workouts and get the body you want. All it takes is a little discipline and preparation and you can change how you look and feel!

Workout for Wednesday, October 19
Snatch Complex – 20 min to Complete 7 Working Sets
High Hang Snatch, Snatch from Floor
*Pause in Power Position on High Hang, Full Snatches for Both*

4 rds, 1 min work, 1 min rest
8 Power Snatch (75/45)
ME Double Unders
(1 min rest)
4 rds, 1 min work, 1 min rest
8 OHS (75/45)
ME Double Unders

*16 min total clcok
Score is total Double Unders