Monday, October 31

Thank you for your support on Saturday at Barbells for Boobs. We had a great turnout and a fun time working out and celebrating together. For some of you, it was your first benchmark workout. For other is was the first time you did it RX’d and others PR’d the workout they’ve done 10 or more times.

I was telling some of you the story of the first time I (Brian) did Grace RX’d for the first time. It was a little more than six years ago and it took me more than 27 minutes. It was slow, with very poor technique and there was little to no intensity. I woke up in the middle of the night and had to put ice bags on my arms to sleep because my clean technique was so bad. (Hint – don’t pull with your arms!)

It’s a funny story for sure, but it should have never happened. I feel like we were in the wild west of CrossFit back then and we were just trying to figure everything out. Everything has evolved so much in six years. Grace is meant to be a fast, high-intensity workout. We’ve learned a lot as coaches over the years and have a much better understanding of how much weight to use and when to go fast, slow, etc… Not sure anyone was coaching me that day.

Anyway, my Grace time on Saturday was 3:33 and it was a PR. I’m only telling you this so I can explain the big point. I am STILL getting fitter six years later. My technique continues to improve and I’m getting stronger. So, how do you know you are getting fitter? Look back.

I want us to look back instead of forward more often. So many times we are focused on what we want to do – squat 300 pounds, get a pull up, etc. – and we get down on ourselves for NOT being able to do certain things.

But that’s the wrong way to look at it. Look back six years, two years, six months and think about what you CAN do now and couldn’t do then.

Also, I only know my times from six years ago because I track my workouts. I was looking through my first CrossFit notebooks and found that time. If I didn’t track my workouts I would have no idea how much I had improved, or it would just be a guess with no data to support it.

So, don’t get down on yourself about what you haven’t done yet. Take some time and look at how far you have come. The difference we see in you in just a few months is amazing and you have so much time to keep improving. Enjoy the process and feel good about where you are now!

Workout for Monday, October 31
Posterior Chain Mashing and Activation

30 min EMOM
Odd: 9 Wallballs
Even: 5 C2B Pull Ups + 5 Power Cleans (155/105)