Friday, December 16

Please remember to sign up in advance (before we open at 8:30 am) for the 9:30 am class on Saturday so we can plan the workout for the correct number of people. We want that class to run as smoothly as possible and have fun at the same time, so knowing how many people helps us make teams and have the right amount of equipment ready. Thanks for you help on this!

Also, don’t forget we have the Aerobic Capacity class at 10:30 am. This is a great workout that is not high intensity if you’re looking for an active recovery day or just to get in better aerobic shape to help with all of your workouts.

Weekly Roundup!

1. Here’s a drill to help with your bar muscle ups. We’ve talked about pulling your knees towards the bar before, but maybe this breakdown will help you see that better. Also, if you’re one of those “chicken wing” muscle up people, this may help you get both arms over at the same time.

2. If you’re not quite to the bar muscle up yet, you may be working on chest-to-bar muscle ups. Here’s some tips from the CrossFit competitors course on getting your chest to the bar.

3.One last tip that will come in handy as we approach the Open. Reclaiming the hook grip when cycling the barbell. This can be a tough skill to master, but with practice you can get it. Also, with any of these skill moves, practice with light weight first! Read the caption with this video for more info.

#weeklygeek To check out the full video and our ever growing library of movements go to and click on “The Vault”. Cycling a barbell with the snatch has the same application it would for a clean and jerk. Bar close, brush the hips, varying hip height depending on loading, etc. Today we will look at the hook grip. I think most people get confused thinking they have to hold their thumb with all 4 fingers. The truth is that it’s largely our index and middle finger that hang on. The pinky essentially just “babysits” the bar and doesn’t play much of a role. 
Now that we know that what about holing on to it or letting it go. Much of this will be preference and you probably already have something you do without thinking about it. There is some real advantage to hanging onto the hook grip when it comes to cycle a bar. If you have the mobility and level of comfort to do it you will save your grip which is a huge help. If you release the bar it’s not the end of the world. It’s probably more common to see people releasing the bar but we have to learn how to re-grip it. As the bar is overhead we can gently pop it up while opening the palm and working to reclaim the hook grip. The important part is making sure our grip is set before the bar loads our hands on the descent. This will most definitely happen when the bar is at the hip and may happen a touch sooner. It’s a small window to get set so take some time practicing it with lighter loads. A little pause at the top can be a help as well so you can feel the bar weightless on the descent which is when you will be re-gripping. Don’t think right or wrong, just preference. Which one works for you and why? #iconathlete #teamspeal

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Workout for Friday, December 16
Turkish Get Up Practice – 15 min
1 on Right Side + 1 on Left Side
Complete 10 reps on each side during the 15 minutes

EMOTM for 20 min
Odd: 5 Push Ups
7 Pull Ups
9 Air Squats
Even: 3 Power Cleans + 1 Thruster (135/95)