Monday, December 19

I’ve recently had the same conversation with more than a few people at the gym and I think it’s worth sharing here. People keep coming to me saying how that get made fun of, or picked on for eating healthy in the office or not drinking alcohol at parties (mostly with co-workers).

I could go on a long rant here about how backwards this is, and how it’s ridiculous to shame people for living a healthy lifestyle. But why even worry about it?

That is one of the best things about being a part of the CrossFit community. You have the full, unwavering support of awesome people that believe in living healthy, eating nutritious food and feeling great.

One member of this gym, who was once much heavier, told me he was picked on for being overweight. Now that he has lost weight, eats a healthy diet, works out regularly, and participates in races outside of the gym people give him grief for that. WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH SOCIETY?!

We all know this is completely backwards, but sometimes it gets hard out there in the fast-food world. So, I am here to say that this is your safe haven. We are here for you. If you need support, if you just can’t take it anymore, come lift something heavy. Come improve your fitness. Come be healthy with people that appreciate and support you.

Look, in the end, I believe that those that try to tear us down are doing it to make themselves feel better about not making healthy choices. So how do we best deal with that. I think staying positive and being an example of health and fitness in the world will eventually rub off on those people.

You have your support system at the gym so use it when you need to. But remember, you can make it through the holiday season without giving in to the temptations around you. Have fun and enjoy your time with friends and family, but do what you know is best for you. And don’t let anyone bring you down!

Workout for Monday, December 19
Front Squat
3X3 @ 75%
3X2 @ 80%

5 Rounds for Time:
9 Thrusters (95/65)
9 Overhead Squats
9 C2B Pull Ups
14 min Time Cap