Wednesday, January 11

I get to have the same conversation a lot at the beginning of each year. People decide it’s finally time to get in shape, but they’re not sure they are ready to try CrossFit. People tell me they need to get in shape BEFORE they start this program.

CrossFit is a program to GET you in shape! You don’t need to be in any sort of shape to get started. And as coach Glassman said, “Our understanding is that the needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind.”

We all need to squat. Professional athletes should be squatting heavy and moving as fast as possible, while grandparents need to squat to preserve the full function of their hips and maintain muscle and skeletal integrity as they age.

So, if you know someone that wants to get in shape but may be hesitant to try CrossFit please show them videos like the one above. Or have them come try it! This program is adaptable to people of all fitness and skill levels and we love working with the full range of people out there.

Remember, today is an unofficial FriendsDay due to the large demand in the new year. So feel free to bring a friend to any class time today!

Workout for Wednesday, January 11
4 min Lat Mashing + 4 min Lower Body Mashing + 4 min Mashing of Choice

18 min AMRAP
Ride 1.0 km
15 T2B
10 Russian Twists (30/20)
*At Go, 6 min, and 12 min do 15 Burpees*