Thursday, February 9

The 2017 CrossFit Open is quickly approaching. What does this mean? It means a lot of different things to different people. Technically, the CrossFit Open is the qualifier for Regionals and the CrossFit Games. It’s so much more than that though!

To us at CrossFit 616 the CrossFit Open is a community event. It’s an opportunity for us to come together as a team to become bigger than just individuals working out. It’s an opportunity to push each other and to be pushed by each other to accomplish things we didn’t know we could do. Five weeks of pushing the Open workout harder than any other workout you’ve experienced. You can find who you truly are and how hard you’re really capable of pushing yourself in these situations. Our year of training is focused on positioning us to peak in our strength and stamina for the five weeks of the Open. This is your time to apply the hard work you’ve put in since starting CrossFit or since last year’s Open.

We are hoping to get as many people together on Friday nights during the Open to attack the workouts and celebrate together as a community. The Open is for everyone, and we strongly encourage you to actually sign up for the CrossFit Open. There are RX divisions, masters divisions, and even teen divisions. Signing up costs $20. That $20 gets you on the leaderboard to see where you stack up next to the rest of the world of CrossFitters. It also holds you accountable to show up and push yourself as hard as possible. I love being able to look back over the past 5 years and see my Open scores on the Games Website. It shows me where I’ve been and how far I’ve come. That alone is worth the entry fee each year to me.

Click Sign Up For the CrossFit Open

Make sure you select CrossFit 616 as your Affiliate and as your Team. Lets build the biggest team possible this year and have an awesome time each week pushing one another to do great things!

Workout for Thursday, February 9

Shoulder Mashing – Focus on Front of Shoulders and Pecs

Kipping Pull Up Practice – 10 min
Establish Max Effort Set of Unbroken Bar Muscle Ups, Then ME UB Set of Pull Ups
Practice Kipping Swing, Negative Pull Ups, Ring Rows

5 Rounds for time:
75 Double Unders (or 1 min practice)
13 T2B