Tuesday, April 11

We have push jerk practice today and one of the main issues we see in this movement is not getting full hip extension during the drive phase of the lift. If you aren’t fully opening your hips to drive that bar off your shoulders, you are losing power.

Check out the video from CrossFit below on hip extension and how to see it and how to correct it if you’re not extending all the way. If you’re partnered up tomorrow doing these lifts, watch your partners hips and see if you he or she is extending all the way.

Sometimes it’s hard to see. Sometimes it’s hard to do. But that’s why we practice. Get it right at light weights and then move up from there.

Workout for Tuesday, April 11
Push Jerk Practice – From a Rack
In 15 min Build to a 1 Rep Max for Today, then:
5X3 @ 70% to 75% of ***Today’s 1 RM***

Mullet Squats
1 Set = 3 Front Squats + 5 Back Squats
5 Sets @ 75% to 80% of Front Squat