Wednesday, May 31

It’s Wednesday FriendsDay! Bring a friend to any CrossFit class today!

Don’t forget we have field day at Cannonsburg on June 10! We will have weightlifting ONLY at 8 am so we can head to field day on time. Field Day starts at 9:30 am!

Also, on June 17 we have the MidSummer Meltdown. We could still use a few more volunteers if you are available. The more volunteers the easier the day is on everyone. If you volunteer you get a free MidSummer Meltdown t-shirt. Thanks for your support!

Workout for Wednesday, May 31
7 min AMRAP
7 T2B
7 Ball Slams
Run 100m

Rest 5 min

Death By Calories on Bike
Guys start with 5 cal
Girls start with 3 cal
Add one calorie each minute until unable to complete