Tuesday, July 18

Here’s part of the CrossFit level 1 seminar from 2008, with everyone’s favorite, Dave Castro. Dave digs into the definition of CrossFit – Constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity.

Variance can come in many forms and they discuss some ideas here. It’s not just about choosing different weights and movements. Changing everything from your environment to the music that’s playing changes how you adapt to a particular stimulus. We all know it’s very different to train in the heat versus the cold. But we should be doing both to have as well rounded of a fitness level as possible.

Don’t get upset if your workout conditions aren’t perfect. Accept it as a new challenge to overcome and a way to make yourself better.

Dave also digs into the intensity part of the definition. Intensity is important, but it is always third in line behind mechanics and consistency. Get the movements right first, then add intensity.

Workout for Tuesday, July 18
20 min Not For Time
Single Arm Dumbbell Press 5X7 on each arm
5 Plank Position Sled Drags
Supinated Barbell Row 5X7

5 Rounds for time
Run 1 Lap
15 Handstand Push Ups
15 Pull Ups