Wednesday, July 18

I posted about the jump rope seminar we're hosting last night, but forgot to remind you that we won't have any Saturday classes due to that being here all day. Enjoy your Saturday off or come learn some new jump rope skills!

CrossFit is much more than a fitness program. It's a confidence builder, an escape from life's stress, a place to make friends, a test of your will, a mental test, and so much more. For some, CrossFit provides a place that literally saved their life. 

In the video below, you see Keith Lupien's story. He is an addict and an ex-con, but he is making a life for himself through CrossFit. He found an outlet to channel his energy that allowed him to beat his addiction and now change other's lives for the better. 

It's a great story and one that we are all a part of. Just by being here and welcoming others the way you do makes people come back and start that journey to a healthier, better life. I'm certainly glad you all have decided to do CrossFit with us!

Workout for Wednesday, July 18
Tempo Deadlift - Slow Control to Floor
4X3 @ 65% to 75%

5 Rounds for Time
Run 400m
7 Touch and Go Clean and Jerks (135/95)

CrossFit 616
Tuesday, July 17

Remember to get signed up for the tubing trip by this Friday so we can make a reservation! The trip is on August 4 at 11:30 am on the Muskegon River.

There is still time to register for the CrossFit Jump Rope Workshop we are hosting on Saturday, July 21! If you are really interested in this, but have questions about the day/price/whatever, please talk to one of us about registering. Click here to register now!

Workout for Tuesday, July 17
For Time:
Buy In with 5 Rounds of "Cindy"
5 Rounds of
15 Russian KB Swings (70/53)
8 Burpees
Run 1 Lap

CrossFit 616
Monday, July 16

Is a hot dog a sandwich? This and other questions are answered by Ben Bergeron in this podcast on how to stay on track during the summer/vacations.

Really, he does give some great advice on how to stick to your diet and workouts when you're in situations where you may not have full control over your food choices or access to a gym.

The main thing is, still have fun! Don't sweat if you get a little off track or the lunch you eat isn't perfect. That's ok, just do the best you can and when you're back home, get back on track.

I'll add one other thing, it's easy to absorb the indulgences of vacation if you are vigilant with your workouts and diet when you are at home. If you can eat well and workout regularly 90% of the time, the 10% that you fall off won't be that big of a deal. 

Check out the video for more tips!

Workout for Monday, July 16
18 Minute Clock
Row 1,000m
Run 800m
AMRAP in Remaining Time of
9 DB Thrusters (50/35)
9 T2B

CrossFit 616
Friday, July 13
CrossFit 616
Thursday, July 12

Here's a great video on the fixed vs. growth mindset. I've posted on this before, but this five minute video explains it in detail and tells you how a growth mindset can help you accomplish your goals. 

We all tend to lean one way or the other, and we probably switch between fixed and growth from time to time depending on the subject. But if you can harness a growth mindset more often, you will develop a belief that you can do anything you work hard at.


Workout for Thursday, July 12
18 min to build to Unbroken Heavy Barbell Complex
1 Power Clean
1 Thruster
1 Hang Power Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Push Jerk

150 Wall Balls for Time
*Must be done with 1 ME UB set, then as few sets as possible.

CrossFit 616
Wednesday, July 11

I know I've written this blog post a lot over the years, but it's probably time to revisit it. It seems to always come on running days.

For some reason whenever we have a running only day, attendance takes a dip. We've had strength only days, wall ball only days, rowing or biking only days and we don't see the same trend. 

So what is it about running? Why is it so hated by some and loved by others? 

I wish I had the answer, but since I don't I'll give you my thoughts on why you should attend on days no matter what the workout is.

First, I think we can all benefit from doing things we don't like to do. This gives you mental toughness and proves to yourself that you can make it through tough times.

Second, practicing things you don't think you are good at will improve those skills and you may find you enjoy something new. It's like trying to get kids to eat vegetables. They think they don't like them, but after a few tries they are enjoying them and getting all of the benefits of eating nutritious foods.

Third, we are humans that are born to run. It's in our DNA and there's no reason barring injury or health condition we shouldn't be able to run pain free.

I hope you look at running days, or other days that have movements you don't like, as a challenge that you are excited to take on. Sure, it may not be enjoyable in the moment at first, but you can look back and know that you accomplished something and be proud of that.

See you tomorrow!

Workout for Wednesday, July 11
For Total Time:
Run 800m
Rest 2 min
Run 400m
Rest 2 min
Run 1 Lap
Rest 2 min
Run 1 Lap
Rest 2 min
Run 400m
Rest 2 min
Run 800m

CrossFit 616
Tuesday, July 10

Our tubing trip is on Saturday, August 4! We need to confirm our reservation with the company by Friday, August 20. There is a sign up at the gym so please add your name if you want to go. The cost is $16 to rent a tube and get transportation. You can pay when you arrive on August 4. 

We are tubing from the Salmon Run Campground and we need to be there by 11:30 am on the 4th. It is a three-hour float. We will not have Extra Credit on Saturday, August 4. We will close at 10:30 following the CrossFit class so we can get to the Campground on time.

Also, there's one ticket left to the CrossFit Games if anyone wants it. It's a coliseum + festival ticket and you'll be sitting with 7 other 616ers. The price is $235, first come first serve. Also, I will be posting this ticket to the public at the end of this week. So if you want it, hurry!

Workout for Tuesday, July 10
Pull Up Progressions

14 min AMRAP
8 Burpee Box Jump Overs
8 C2B Pull Ups
Bike 7/5 Cal

CrossFit 616
Monday, July 9

This Saturday, we have some teams competing at the Fresh Coast Games in Muskegon. It's the annual competition on the beach so we're going to make a beach day out of it to cheer them on. Come out to Pere Marquette Beach and hang out and watch some CrossFit! 

Here's another reminder to get enough sleep. It's not just about recovering from workouts. There are tons of health benefits from getting enough quality sleep!

"In the United States, it's estimated that 30 percent of adults and 66 percent of adolescents are regularly sleep-deprived. This isn't just a minor inconvenience: staying awake can cause serious bodily harm. Claudia Aguirre shows what happens to your body and brain when you skip sleep."

Workout for Monday, July 9
Front Squat
5X3 @ 70% to 80%

4 Rounds for Time
5 KB Cleans (Right)
5 KB Shoulder to Overhead (Right)
5 KB Cleans (Left)
5 KB Shoulder to Overhead (Left)
Run 400m

CrossFit 616
Friday, July 6

Weekly Roundup!

Here's some stuff I saw this week:

1. People not getting enough exercise from long walks - The Guardian story says that just getting in 10,000 steps a day is not enough to ward off the health problems associated with aging. 

"Aerobic exercise, such as walking or gardening, is good for the heart and improves the circulation. PHE’s review said that muscle and bone strengthening and balance activities are also vital for health and future wellbeing, but they are neglected.

In older adults poor muscle strength increased the risk of a fall by 76%, PHE said. Those who have already had a fall are three times more likely to fall again. Strengthening and balance activities not only help prevent falls, but also help improve mood, sleeping patterns, increase energy levels and reduce the risk of an early death."

2. The new weight classes for weightlifting have been announced by the IWF. I case you are thinking of competing soon, you'll want to know where you fit in. (These still have to be voted on by the IWF Congress). Men on page 1, women on page 2.

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3. Here's Chris Henshaw teaching the Aerobic Capacity course and explaining why we need to train at different speeds and develop gears. If you never train it, you don't know what it feels like, and it is very hard to pace with knowing the feeling of each specific speed and time domain.

Workout for Friday, July 6
150 Wall Balls For Time
*Must be completed as 15 Sets of 10*
**Keep an eye on rest time, try to stay consistent!

Cool Down
Mile Run or 4km Bike

CrossFit 616
Thursday, July 5

We're about a month away from the CrossFit Games and here's your chance to get involved - and win $2 million!

Play the Reebok Pick 'Em and choose your top 10 men and women. If you get them exactly right, you win 2 million dollars. Can't be that hard, right?

Here are the details:


Workout for Thursday, July 5
20 min NFT
Heavy Object Squat - 5X3 Building Up in Weight
Plank Position Sled Pulls - 5X50' Pulls

8 min AMRAP
2-4-6-8-10...continue adding 2 reps each round
Power Cleans (135/95)

CrossFit 616
Tuesday, July 3

If you follow CrossFit on social media at all I am sure you've seen some stuff about the battle against Big Soda. It's a complicated story that can be difficult to follow, but if you want to know why CrossFit is in this fight, here's a great story detailing it from the Washington Post:

Mr. CrossFit vs. Big Soda: A profane fitness guru’s wonky war with the soda industry

The simple explanation for those of you that don't want to read the full article, is that the soda industry has been funding research for the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and the American College of Sports Medicine (ASCM). Both of these organizations certify trainers and publish research on health and fitness.

It's easy to see how organizations partially funded by soda companies may have some conflicting interests when it comes to health and nutrition advice.

It's an interesting read that gives plenty of CrossFit backstory as well. Check it out and see what you think about this war on soda.

Workout for Tuesday, July 3
1) 9 Deadlifts (225/155)
2) 9 Dumbbell Thrusters
3)  ME UB Strict Chin Ups (scale with Band)
4) Bike 40 sec @ 65+ RPM / 55+ RPM

CrossFit 616
Monday, July 2

We will be closed Wednesday, July 4 and Thursday Morning, July 5. We will open at 8 am on July 5 and will have a full schedule the remainder of the day (8:30 am and all kids classes too). 

Here's a great article sent to me by the great Dawn! How Technology and Smarts Help Athletes Push the Limits

We keep seeing world records broken in all sports, but how much can be attributed to the technology involved in sports now? Or are humans just getting bigger, faster and stronger due to evolution?

I think this is a fascinating question, and I find something comforting in knowing that we may not be all that different from the people 50 or 100 years ago. 

Usain Bolt's 100 m record (9.77 s) isn't that much faster than Jesse Owens' fastest time in 1936 (10.2 s). Yes, a half a second is a long time in the 100m, but what if Owens had the same track and shoes as Bolt?

"A demonstration included in a 2014 Ted Talk given by sports journalist David Epstein showed that if Owens had run on the same surface as Bolt, Owens’s best time in the 100 meters (10.2 seconds)—accomplished shortly before the 1936 Olympics—could have been within one stride of Bolt’s performance in the 100 meters (9.77 seconds) at the 2013 World Championships."

We will probably never know the complete answer to this question, but we do know the technology helps a lot. Read the full article for more examples and think about what technology you use today that aids your performance.

Workout for Monday, July 2
12 min Clock
Build to Heavy Hang Snatch for Today
- 2 minute Rest and Transition - 
1 Hang Snatch

7 min AMRAP
Burpees (to Target)

CrossFit 616
Friday, June 29

We have a special guest blog today from a current member who hasn't been around for a little while. You may not know her, and even if you do you probably don't know her story. She decided to share her story with this community because of what you all mean to her. This group is her support system and will help her when she returns. Please remember that this is very personal information that she has decided to share publicly for the first time, because this is part of her healing process. Thank you for being here for each other and providing a safe place for things like this. 

Now, here is Kady's story:

As I sit here at a coffee shop in Southern California, I’m taking some time to reflect on the past year that has led me to where I’m at today. You may be wondering where I disappeared to at the end of February, when I went from being at the box 5 days a week to suddenly 0 days a week. I had to make the tough decision to leave my family and life at home to come out to a residential eating disorder treatment in California on February 28th to attempt to save my life and I have been out here ever since. 

You see, I have battled an eating disorder on and off since I was in middle school, with the most devastating year being this past year. Many people never knew that I was struggling with one because I didn’t “look” like someone who would have an eating disorder, including members of my own family. I have used it to numb out throughout the years and it has become a survival tool for me the past few years. People with eating disorders develop one as a coping mechanism to deal with things going on in their life. No one just wakes up one day and decides that they want to have an eating disorder. There’s a lot more going on under the surface that needs to be addressed. It’s a pretty damn effective tool to use to numb out any and all emotions. It serves a purpose in your life for some time until you reach the point where your life becomes unmanageable with it. That point came for me last summer, along with lots of anxiety and depression. I reached the point where I was having so many obsessive and ruminating thoughts about my weight, body image, exercise, food, calorie counting, etc. that I could barely do what I needed to do to get through the day. I thought I could focus on controlling my body during a time when the rest of my life felt completely out of control. That was the one thing that was mine and only mine. I was never actually in control of my eating disorder though, it was running the show the entire time, and it was leading me down a path to death if I didn’t step in and try to beat it. 

I didn’t realize how bad it was getting until Theresa brought up in one of my appointments with her that she noticed that I had been losing weight. After having my second child, Connor, I hung onto some of the weight that I had gained during the pregnancy for a little while. On February 8, 2017, I got violently ill with a stomach bug. I felt like crap for about 10 days and I struggled to keep much of anything down for those 10 days. It was at this point that I was thrown into a full-blown relapse. I had lost the remaining pounds I was still carrying from the pregnancy rather quickly and then some on top of that. I was rationalizing it in my own mind, telling myself that this was fine because I wanted to lose the rest of my baby weight anyways, but I was not going about it in the appropriate way. I realized that was the case when many people commented on the recent and sudden weight loss. I told people who would comment that I had started eating healthier and that I had been going to the gym more, which was partly true, but restricting and over-exercising played a big role as well. 

My endurance and strength in the gym was diminishing, considering I wasn’t fueling my body for the level of activity I was participating in. Theresa encouraged me to talk to Cori about what was going on, so that way she would be aware of it and I could talk to her about the workout for the day if I thought that it was going to be too much for my body. I was hesitant at first because I had only been a member of CrossFit 616 for a few months at this point, but eventually I came to the conclusion that it was a good idea. I messaged her to see if I could talk to her about something and of course she said absolutely:) Originally we were going to talk after the 4pm class because I wanted to do the class, but then I realized after doing the warm-up that my body was not going to be able to complete the workout that day. I don’t remember exactly what is was, but I do remember that it included lots of rowing and 100 burpees. So before the WOD started, I went outside with Cori and Tink to talk about it. It was hard for me to talk about it with someone who I didn’t know very well at the time, but Cori was extremely caring and supportive and I felt at ease while telling her what was going on. She assured me that she would be there for me and help me through the rough spot that I was in. Over the next few weeks, I opened up to both Theresa and Cori more about the specifics going on in my life. 

Even though I had let some people in on my struggle, I was still in a bad spot with what seemed like no end in sight. All I knew is that I could not live like this for much longer. I had never been so miserable in my life, but my eating disorder had so much power over me at the time that I couldn’t do anything to pull myself out of it. One Monday at work, I was sitting there and decided that I couldn’t go on like this any longer. I was not able to be present with my own husband and kids. I wasn’t able to focus at work. I was isolating all of the time that I wasn’t at work or at the box. So I texted Cori and came to the gym to talk to her. Before this time that I met up with Cori, Theresa had emailed me with some treatment options available in the area. With Cori and Theresa’s help, I picked one to give it a shot and Cori took me in for an assessment that very same afternoon. 

Between July and January, I did two inpatient stays and many weeks in a partial hospitalization program. The inpatient stays were necessary to break some of the physical behaviors I was engaging in and the partial hospitalization program was meant to provide me with with education on healthy coping strategies and the opportunity to work with professionals skilled in eating disorders. In between these two stays, I was seeing my outpatient therapist and dietician weekly. Even though I was taking action to work on my eating disorder, I still hadn’t found what I needed to be able to really kick it to the curb. These tactics would quiet it down for awhile, but then it would eventually creep its way back into my life. Working full time, being a mother of a 2 year-old and a 4 year-old did, and working opposite shifts of my husband did not give me the time I needed to focus on and work on myself. I thought that my number one job as a mother was to take care of my kids first and foremost, but what I didn’t realize in the midst of my disorder was that I needed to take care of myself before I could take good care of anyone else. I wasn’t even present most of the time I was with them. I was too exhausted to do fun things with them, or really even just play with them in the evenings. It was all I could do to get dinner made for them and then get through bath time and bedtime with both of them. But you better believe that I had the energy to make it the gym and to do more working out at home after the kids went to bed. My disorder had me tricked into thinking that exercise took priority over lots of other things I cared about in life. I was not living in alignment with my own values. I was living in alignment with my eating disorder’s values, and that is a terrible way to live. After trying the local options available with not much success, my husband and I decided that going to a residential treatment facility would give me the best shot at life. 

I am letting you all in on my story because you are family to me. The CrossFit 616 community has been one of the best things I could have ever asked for. Also, I will need your help and support when I return home (not sure when exactly that will be yet). In treatment, I have been working on repairing my relationship with movement and exercise. I need to get back to a place where I am doing it because I enjoy doing it and not because my eating disorder is using it to compensate for the calories I consumed that day or to punish me in some way, which it often tries to do. You are all part of my journey and I look forward to seeing you when I return. Cori, Tom, and Brian have all been supportive on my journey and I know they will continue to be when I get back. When they say that you can talk to them about anything, they really do mean it! They care about their athletes immensely and that support and love is spread throughout the community as a whole. This is my first time “publicly” talking about my eating disorder, so I ask that you please be respectful with the information you’ve just read. Also, if you have any questions at all please feel free to ask me about it. Talking about it takes the secrecy away. Shame has a hard time surviving when it is exposed, so talking about it helps to keep me accountable. 

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” - Brene Brown

Workout for Friday, June 29
Muscle Up Progressions and Practice

21-15-9 for time
Squat Cleans (135/95)
Ring Dips

1 Mile Cool Down Run

CrossFit 616
Thursday, June 28

We're practicing barbell cycling today. "What's that?" you ask. Well, we are working on doing each individual rep a little bit faster and being able to connect those reps together into one set. 

Why would we do this? Moving faster goes right to that intensity piece we talk about. If you can move a particular weight more times in a set time period or move a set weight a set number of times in a faster time, your intensity is higher. Your power output was greater, and that's what we are looking for.

Of course, don't forget about that blog from Tuesday about mechanics and consistency coming first. 

You can work on speed today and try to increase your intensity, but only use weights that allow you to move as well as possible. If that set was good, make a small increase and try again. But if you feel things getting off, go back down and fix your mechanics.

This is a perfect day to work on this process. We can push the intensity without losing all technique. 

Same goes for the overhead squats. Only increase the weight if the reps look good. Stick with mechanics, consistency, intensity and you'll feel better and move better for a long time!

Workout for Thursday, June 28
Barbell Cycling Practice
7 Rounds, One Every 2:00
7 Touch and Go Power Snatches
*Build Up in Weight w/ Good Sets

Overhead Squat
*Building Up in Weight with Good Position

CrossFit 616
Wednesday, June 27

It's Wednesday FriendsDay! Bring a friend to any class today to try CrossFit for the first time!

I was watching the Mexico vs. South Korea World Cup game over the weekend and I was inspired. Not by the play on the field, but by the announcer. 

Jorge Perez-Navarro was so excited for every single minute of the game. Every pass, every shot, EVERYTHING. It made the game so much fun to watch even if you don't care about soccer or the teams involved. 

I'm sure he has seen and called thousands of soccer games in his life. And he still gets this pumped up. I hope that we can all find something that gets us this excited. 

We all talk about finding our passion and pursuing it, but can we hold on to that initial love like Perez-Navarro does? I would love to approach every day with his spirit. It seems like he could never have a bad day.

Watch the short clip below and try not to get excited with him. (Clip won't play here, just click through to Youtube)

Workout for Wednesday, June 27
Min 1: 35 Double Unders + Max Reps T2B
Min 2: Max Distance Row
Min 3: Rest

*Scale DU with Hurdle Hops or Line Hops

CrossFit 616
Tuesday, June 26

We talk about intensity all of the time as the one thing that gets results. If you're not pushing yourself just a little bit more each day, you are missing out on potential gains. Of course, there are some prerequisites to intensity. 

I know I've written a similar blog post in the past, but it's always good to be reminded of some key points. Luckily, people like Ben Bergeron put out great videos that remind me to revisit some of the original CrossFit tenants from time to time.

1. Mechanics
2. Consistency
3. Intensity

These are how we develop as athletes. These three things must be done in this order.

Get the mechanics down first. Hit the full range of motion, be able to brace properly, keep your knees from caving in, and so on. We can't add weight or go faster until we can move correctly.

Then, once you have the mechanics, do it consistently. How do you move when no one is watching? Are you training these movements 4-5 times a week? Is every squat you do the same? Again, we can't add intensity until we can consistently move well.

Then we get to add some speed and more load. But ONLY after the first two. 

This conversation about mechanics, consistency, intensity points out there there is a major difference between the daily CrossFit athlete training for life and the person training for the CrossFit Games. 

If you are just training for life, you should be able to continue training for 20, 30, 40 years. You should feel good. You shouldn't be in pain. If something hurts or you feel like junk, I'd bet there is a problem with your mechanics causing these issues. But sometimes the ego gets in the way and tells us to go RX. (I'm looking at myself here as much as anyone).

It's hard to slow down sometimes, but I promise it will mean more progress long term. Yes, we want you to push hard, but if and only if you have the mechanics down first.

You can still try a little more each day, your intensity can go up slightly each day, but you have to make sure you are not sacrificing the first two items in the list. 

Like Bergeron says in the beginning of this video, "I don't care how fast you can do Fran if you never straighten your arms on a pull up."


Workout for Tuesday, June 26
Pull Up Progressions

Repeat 400m Sprints
4 Sprints, Rest 2 minutes between Each

9 minute AMRAP
9 Box Jumps (24/20)
12 Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)

CrossFit 616
Monday, June 25

Huge thank you to all of you that helped out at the MidSummer Meltdown on Saturday! I know we say this a lot, but we really can not do these things without you and we received a ton of complements on how nice and attentive you all were. Thanks for making 616 the best!

We are so proud of all of you that competed as well. I think a lot of you learned a lot about what you are capable of and have a new confidence in some things. Congratulations to you all for pushing yourselves and representing 616 so well with your quality movement and attitudes!

Remember that the kids classes start Tuesday! If you haven't signed up your kids yet, please email us at to get them in.

Workout for Monday, June 25
Back Squat
1X2 @ 80%
1X1 @ 85%
1X2 @ 80%
1X1 @ 85%
1X1 @ 90%

Thrusters (95/65)
Burpees Over the Bar
Run 100m


CrossFit 616
Thursday, June 21

Remember the MidSummer Meltdown is this Saturday! That means no classes, but we have lots of people competing and volunteering so if you can swing by please come cheer them on!

I was reading this article, BS as Rx'd: The Magic Fitness Pill, in the CrossFit Journal and it really got me thinking about our culture and how it relates to health and fitness. As a society we have been looking for the magic fitness pill for years, but it just doesn't exist.

In the article he says that most research on exercise is about how little work we can do and still get results. How little can we workout, how strict do I really have to be with my diet?

I love that we have a group of people at 616 who don't think that way. We have people that love to show up and work hard to get the results they want.

Can you imagine approaching other parts of your life with the attitude of doing as little as possible? Would you get very far in your job? Would you be a good parent or friend?

The expression anything worth doing is worth doing well comes to mind. Don't just settle for the bare minimum. Push yourself and give your best effort and you may surprise yourself with the results!

Workout for Thursday, June 21
10 min of Double Under Practice
*If you have DU, 5 min to Establish Max Unbroken Set 

13 min AMRAP
15 Sit Ups
15 Russian KB Swings (70/53)
300 Meter Row

CrossFit 616