Friday, September 20

We have quite a few teams competing this weekend at the GR Games at 8th Day Gym in Grand Rapids. The RX division is on Saturday and the Modified division is Sunday. I’m sure they’d love your support if you can swing by to cheer them on!

And here’s one of the all-time greats and five-time world champ Om Yun Chol clean and jerking three times his body weight to set a new world record! Yes, that’s 365 pounds at a bodyweight of 121. Enjoy your weekend!

Workout for Friday, September 20
Clean and Jerk Barbell Cycling Practice
3 Touch n Go Clean and Jerks
Rest 1 min, Increase Weight
3 Touch n Go Clean and Jerks
Rest 1 min, Increase Weight
3 Touch n Go Clean and Jerks
*Last weight here should be workout weight!

5 Rounds for Time
60 Double Unders
6 Clean and Jerks (135/95)
15 Wall Balls (20# to 10' / 14# to 9')

CrossFit 616Comment
Thursday, September 19

Weightlifting World Championships begin Thursday in Pattaya, Thailand and go through next Friday. You can watch a live stream of the event in the YouTube video below (it will only stream during the live event, and Pattaya is 12 hours ahead of US Central time). You can see a full schedule of US lifters here, and ESPN will be streaming some of the sessions with American lifters.

In the Instagram video below you can see some highlights of the last Team USA training sessions before heading to Thailand. I love seeing all of the different body types that are great at the sport of weightlifting. From 49 kg/108 lb women up to 109 kg+/240 lb+ men. All of them look slightly different because they are maximizing technique for their particular body. You can do the same thing. You don’t have to look like anyone else, but you can still find the best positions and technique for you!

Workout for Thursday, September 19
Kipping Practice
Pull Ups, Muscle Ups, T2B

Min 1) 10 Burpee Box Jump Overs
Min 2) Max Unbroken Set of Ring Muscle Ups
Min 3) 20 Sit Ups
*Scale Ring MU w/ Max Pull Ups + Max Push Ups

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Wednesday, September 18

I think I have written about this idea before, but I think it’s something we can all hear more often to keep us honest and to get the most out of our training. How do we get the intended stimulus from our training?

At the whiteboard we try to tell you exactly what we are looking for from each workout - light and fast or slow and heavy or somewhere in between. We use RX weights to help communicate that idea and to give you a goal to work towards in your training. Doing benchmark workouts with RX weights give us measurable, observable, repeatable data about our training.

But doing a workout RX is not the goal. The goal - day to day - is the get the right stimulus from the workout. And that means just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD do it.

In the video below, Ben Bergeron does a great job of explaining the idea of RX and hitting the intended stimulus of a workout. He explains that if your max clean and jerk is 115 pounds, you shouldn’t consider a workout with 45 clean and jerks at 95 pounds light. Even though you CAN do that, you wouldn’t be able to do it fast enough to get the stimulus of the workout.

It’s our job as coaches to communicate the stimulus, but we need your help when it comes to picking the right weights. Only you know how it really feels, so you have to take responsibility when it comes to picking weights and modifications. We’ll always jump in if we can tell you might be a bit off, but we’re only trying to help you get the most out of the workout.

Check out the video for more on this topic and remember - just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

Workout for Wednesday, September 18
Snatch Practice
Every 2 min for 10 min
2 Snatches (not touch and go!)
Every 2 min for 10 min
1 Snatch
Back Squat
4X5 @ 65% to 75%

CrossFit 616Comment
Tuesday, September 17

Here’s an article from Scientific American that tells the story of a “lost” study on fat done 40 years ago. The study was recently discovered and analyzed, and what it says may have changed the nutritional guidelines provided by the US government.

The study compared plant vs. animal fat and how those affected heart health and mortality.

“Analyzing the reams of old records, Ramsden and his team found, in line with the “diet-heart hypothesis,” that substituting vegetable oils lowered total blood cholesterol levels, by an average of 14 percent.

But that lowered cholesterol did not help people live longer. Instead, the lower cholesterol fell, the higher the risk of dying: 22 percent higher for every 30-point fall. Nor did the corn-oil group have less atherosclerosis or fewer heart attacks.”

This doesn’t necessarily prove that one thing is more healthy than the other, but it does show how we can’t make completely informed decisions without having all of the data. Like how we were told for years to avoid saturated fats.

There are lots of studies on nutrition that seems to prove opposite things. It depends on how these studies were performed and analyzed and sometimes personal biases can get in the way.

And unfortunately, when studies like this get buried, we don’t have all of the information. Then the government and health organizations are making recommendations based on limited data.

The point is that we are still learning about nutrition and how things affect us. Be careful just reading headlines or listening to mainstream media. They love a catchy headline that makes a bold claim, but in the end, those things usually aren’t true or only represent half of the story.

Do your research and find sources you trust. And as usual, stick to real food that’s as unprocessed as possible and you’ll probably be ok.

Records Found in Dusty Basement Undermine Decades of Dietary Advice

Workout for Tuesday, September 17
15 min Not For Time
5X5 Single Arm DB Rows
Superset with
5X5 Single Arm DB Strict Press

3 Rounds for Time
Run 1 Lap
15 American KB Swings (53/35)
9 Pull Ups

CrossFit 616Comment
Monday, September 16

Love the post below from the Food Science Babe on Instagram. She points out how marketers will use fancy language and celebrities to sell us stuff, even if it’s not true or doesn’t make any sense at all.

Don’t believe marketing hype. Do your research and make informed decisions on what to put in your body. I’d encourage you to check out the Food Science Babe feed for lots of great, science-based, posts on nutrition.

View this post on Instagram

I looked more into that water that goopy doopy (Gwyneth Paltrow) is hawking. See my post from yesterday if you don’t know what I’m talking about. . . The amount of NOPE on their website makes me wonder if a prerequisite to working there is having never taken a chemistry course literally ever. . . It repeatedly states that the water has a “pH of +/- 8.1” Can someone help me out here??? That’s not how +/- works. Here’s how our bodies regulate pH btw: . . <<pH is tightly regulated around the body with many different mechanisms to make sure pH stays constant. The main way is through the bicarbonate buffer system that exists in your blood. In biochemistry, buffers are systems that strongly resist changes in pH despite the addition of acidic or basic chemicals. A well designed buffer system, like the one in our blood, will keep a tight pH range despite the addition of large amounts of acidic or alkaline chemicals. CO2 is a large part of this system for humans, altering respiratory rate affects the system by adding or eliminating CO2. If the blood gets too acidic, a condition called acidosis, respiratory rate increases to bring the pH back up, and if the blood gets too alkaline, called alkalosis, respiratory rate can decrease so more CO2 can dissolve into the blood. This system allows the body to keep pH of blood between 7.35 and 7.45. There is 5 L of blood at this pH, so adding 12 ounces of pH 9 water is highly unlikely to affect this system in any meaningful way. In fact if it did we would be in trouble, as many of the things we drink (e.g. orange juice) have much larger pH differences from our blood. The pH of the extracellular space is also kept around this pH by a similar mechanism.>> . . So, our bodies take care of pH regulation by simply BREATHING. More on pHony water: More on the lack of evidence for alkaline water: . . #chemistry #alkalinewater #flow #acidbase #ph #thatsnothowitworks #science #scicomm #celebrities #goop #gwenythpaltrow #snakeoil #pseudoscience #charlatan #fraud #scientificallyilliteratebuffoons

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Workout for Monday, September 16
Min 0 to 10 for Time

Row 1,000/800m
At min 1: 1 Thruster (95/65)
At min 2: 2 Thrusters
At min 3: 3 Thrusters
*Continue Adding 1 Thruster at the top of every minute.

Min 10 to 20

Row 1,000/800m for Time
At min 1: 1 Thruster (95/65)
At min 2: 2 Thrusters
At min 3: 3 Thrusters
*Continue Adding 1 Thruster at the top of every minute.

At Min 20

Run 800m for Time

CrossFit 616
Friday, September 13

Remember that the 6 am class moves to 5:30 am starting Monday! (Sept. 16)

Also, the OUTWOD is this Saturday. If you plan on coming please register in advance here. We will start right at 9:30 so please arrive a few minutes early. We’re going to have a big crowd so give yourself extra time for parking.

And, here’s how not to lift from Team Don’t:


Workout for Friday, September 13
3 Rounds for Time
16 Strict HSPU
16 Toes to Bar
Run 800m

CrossFit 616
Thursday, September 12

The CrossFit Open is fast approaching! The first workout gets announced on October 10!

If you are new to CrossFit or you haven’t been following all of the changes over the last year, you may not be familiar with the Open or the new CrossFit Games season. Basically, the season of qualifying for the CrossFit Games has been rearranged so the Open will be the first event of the year. That means we are having two Opens in 2019.

In the end, none of that really matters if you aren’t really trying to make it to the Games. We use the Open here as a test of our fitness year to year. It’s a fun way to see where you are in your training and get together with the 616 and greater CrossFit community.

Registration for the 2020 Open is live now. They are bringing back the affiliate leaderboard this year so make sure you join under 616. We’re working to set up our team too, but we have to do a little more work to make that live.

Head over to the Games site to read more about the Open and the CrossFit Games. Remember, the Open is supposed to be a fun event each year to test your fitness. It’s one workout a week for five weeks and we will officially schedule that workout on Saturday mornings this time around. Don’t let it stress you out. Have fun and push yourself and hopefully learn something about yourself in the process!

Workout for Thursday, September 12
Min 1) Max Reps Strict Pull Ups
Min 2) 45 sec Tall Plank Hold

*Scale Strict Pull Ups w/ Banded or Rows

Back Squat
1X10 @ 60% to 65%
1X8 @ 65% to 70%
1X6 @ 70% to 75%
2X3 @ 75% to 80%

CrossFit 616
Wednesday, September 11,

Many of you here know 616 member Leara and are familiar with her practice, I Light Art Therapy. She is a Registered Art Therapist and specializes in grief counseling and a lot more. You can read more about her practice here.

I had the pleasure of visiting her studio and learning more about what she does and it led to an interesting conversation about what “therapy” really is. We both hear people say “the gym is my therapy” or “fill in the blank is my therapy” but that really discounts what true therapy really is. Luckily, Leara was able to explain the difference to me of what real therapy is versus a coping mechanism.

So, to help me pass along this message to you, Leara wrote up a guest blog. Thanks Leara! And if you have any questions or need someone to talk to please let us know.

Often I hear the phrases or see on social media:

“Going to the gym is my therapy”

“Had some therapy with my friend over coffee”

“Spotify knows what music therapy I need today”

“Did some art therapy today” (with a picture of art)

I sit here and think...well did you have a physical therapist, music therapist or art therapist present?


Did you have an agreed treatment plan?


This is not therapy, these are coping skills, and healthy ones at that.

Yes, they create connection, and you may experience catharsis, tap into an emotional response, and meet psychosocial needs. Certainly you can feel therapeutic effects through physical fitness, music and art, but that is not therapy.

It got me thinking “what does therapy mean?”

By definition according to Merriam Webster, 2019
Therapy - Noun
Medical treatment of impairment, injury, disease, or disorder. Treatment of a disorder or injury of the body or mind. Remedial treatment of mental or bodily disorder. An agency (as treatment) designed or serving to bring about rehabilitation or social adjustment.

I believe by saying these phrases (calling our hobbies or outlets therapy) it can cause more harm to ourselves. It supports that going to the gym, as an example, is my therapy, and I don’t need a therapist or I don’t need to go to therapy. What tends to happen is that by believing these things you are doing yourself a disservice from processing what you really need to work through. And this may only mask over what you really need to process to live a more fulfilling life.

By saying these phrases it is perpetuating a problem with what therapy really is and the stigma to going to a therapist. You deserve to take care of you, otherwise it may also seep out to other professionals who are not qualified to respond to what you really need. These people are not qualified therapists and are placed in uncomfortable situations that is out of their scope of practice and may cause more distress in their own lives too.

The role of a therapist must follow ethical standards and scope of practice, PHI and HIPPA laws. They are there to guide you through a process that unveils layers that have brought pain into your life, help you organize your thoughts, and in a safe environment to release your authentic self and be honest with yourself about what is really going on.

Ultimately then....

The gym is not your therapy.

Venting to a friend is not therapy.

Listening to music is not music therapy.

Making art is not art therapy.

I’d like to add that while all of the coaches here are always willing to listen and help in any way we can, we are not therapists. So sometimes we need to point you in the direction of a trained professional. Just like we can help with your movement, but sometimes need to bring in the help of a physical therapist, we’d do the same for emotional or mental concerns.

If the gym is stress relief for you that is awesome. If it helps you cope with other problems that is great too. But remember that coping and temporarily relieving stress are not getting to the root cause of the problem. That’s where a therapist can help.

If you ever need help dealing with something we are all here to help, and sometimes that is us helping find the right person for you. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help!

Workout for Wednesday, September 11
For Time
Row 2,000m
At Min 1: 1 Power Clean (155/105)
At Min 2: 2 Power Cleans
At Min 3: 3 Power Cleans
*Continue adding 1 power clean at the top of every minute.

CrossFit 616
Tuesday, September 10

When it comes to physical exercise we are always trying to vary intensities to get different stimuli. Sometimes we need to train long and slow and sometimes we want to go short and fast. Sometimes light, sometimes heavy, and sometimes in the middle.

We know that intensity is what forces our bodies to make positive changes in physical adaptation. But there are benefits to low intensity movement too that might not have much to do with the physical.

This article on the benefits of walking explains how it can make us smarter, healthier, and happier. We know that walking alone isn’t enough to really raise our physical fitness, but it can benefit our brains a ton.

“Putting one foot in front of the other loosens us up to make new connections that help spark new ideas. It dampens down the stress and anxiety that keep us from curiosity and learning. It can even change your personality for the better over time.”

So if you are struggling to be creative or you are just in a bad mood, try going for a walk. I’m sure you have heard this before, but there is real science to support it.

Read the article here for more info on why walking is so beneficial and how such a simple movement is really so complex.

Workout for Tuesday, September 10
Kipping Pull Up Practice

For Time
Thrusters (95/65)
Pull Ups

CrossFit 616
Monday, September 9

Grand Rapids first OUTWOD is this Saturday! Join us for this community workout and invite your friends!

The OUTWOD begins at 9:30 am so the regular CrossFit class will not take place that day. But if you want to workout, head over and register now for the OUTWOD. This will be a workout that anyone can do no matter how fit or how much experience you have.

Also, we have some great prizes to raffle off during the event so bring some cash to purchase raffle tickets. And if you can’t make it this Saturday, you can donate to the cause here. Proceeds from the event benefit the OUT Foundation and local youth shelter HQ.

We will still have weightlifting and elements classes at 8:15 am on Saturday.

Workout for Monday, September 9
Min 1) 10 Deadlifts (225/155)
Min 2) 10 Push Ups + 10 Sit Ups
Min 3) 100m Run

"Flight Simulator"
For Time
5 - 10 - 15....45 - 50 - 45...15 - 10 - 5
Double Unders

*Unbroken Sets Increasing by 5 Reps each Set.
*If you trip, start that set back over at 0.
*If you trip at 38 on your set of 40, you start the set of 40 back over.
*10 min Time Cap*

CrossFit 616
Thursday, September 5

Love this post from Professor of Exercise Physiology Dr. Eddie Jo. He is pointing out the obvious, but we all get caught up in thinking we need to do more or take the right supplement when sometimes what we really need is some rest and recovery.

Read the full caption on the post for more information, but remember this quote, “Rest, or simply dialing it back, is just as important as training. In fact it is a part of training and should not be viewed exclusively from it.”

If you view your rest days and sleep as part of your training, you won’t get so worried about missing a workout or a day at the gym. It can be hard to be consistent during different times in your life, but taking some time off can be valuable.

Don’t beat yourself up over a missed day or two. Plan your rest days when you can, but if you can’t always plan ahead that’s ok. There’s always another day to train, but you have to make sure you are recovering so you can see your adaptations.

View this post on Instagram

A little break from the usual scientific post to emphasize a point that does not really need much scientific explanation. It's one of those things that is common sense but not commonly understood or applied. This infographic is a good representation (and my attempt at satire) of a type of interaction I have on a very consistent basis, and I'm sure many of you in the field can relate. In a world of magic pills and wonder creams, sometimes people just forget that the answer they're seeking is the most obvious one. This is especially true when it comes to questions on what to do if experiencing overtraining or stagnation. Questions of what supplements one can take to remedy this situation is a very common one. Others include, how should I change my diet? Do I need to up my intensity or frequency? Should I change my program cuz it's not working? I'm not saying these are bad questions, but rather it shows how training less or resting (the most obvious answers) are not prioritized and often overlooked as a critical factor of training. Rest or simply dialing it back is just as important as training. In fact it is a part of training and should not be viewed exclusively from it. Often times, stagnation or performance declines with hard training does not mean the absence of physiological adaptations. There are indeed physiological adaptations occuring, but sometimes these adaptations do not manifest in observable performance improvements because of factors such as accumulated damage and fatigue. Training is indeed a stressor after all. So simply training less or resting temporarily can effectively relieve the body or parts of it like muscles from the stress of training and allow these adaptations to manifest in positive changes in performance. . I understand the value of training hard, but what is much more valuable is training smart. So instead of "train hard", it is "train hard, rest hard". Instead of "resting is for the weak", it is "resting for a week ✌️". Instead of "rest is for wussies", it is "rest is for wussies who are strong as AF".

A post shared by Eddie Jo, PhD, CSCS*D (@dr.eddiejo) on

Workout for Thursday, September 5
Min 1) 5 Strict Pull Ups + 50 Double Unders
Min 2) 40' Handstand Walk (20' down + 20' back)
Min 3) Max Calories on Bike
Min 4) Rest
*Scale Strict Pull Ups w/ Banded Strict or Bar Rows
*Scale HS Walk w/ HS Holds or Bear Crawls

CrossFit 616
Wednesday, September 4

When you train hard and push your body to its limits you’ll probably experience some pain and discomfort from time to time. This can come from a lot of things, but if you’re not moving perfectly at all times (which no one can do) then you may have to do some extra work to keep things moving and feeling great.

Here’s a look at a chiropractor session with CrossFit Games champ Rich Froning. Rich moves very well and is very strong, but he still has issues he can’t fix himself at times. When you have tried all of the mobility and recovery strategies you know and you’re still experiencing discomfort, then you may need to go see a professional. Whether it’s a massage therapist, chiropractor, or physical therapist, there is probably someone that can help get you moving and feeling well again.

Check out the video with Rich and his chiropractor. They discuss how his knee got bad and how they approached the recovery for it. Finding the underlying issue can be tricky sometimes, so if your knee hurts the problem could be with your hips or glutes. This is where seeing a professional therapist can help determine the root cause. If you are rolling on a lacrosse ball every day and not seeing any permanent changes, it may be time to try something else. Please ask a coach if you have questions and if we can’t answer we will point you to someone that does.

Workout for Wednesday, September 4
8 - 6 - 4 - 2
*Build Up in Weight as Reps Decrease

15 min AMRAP
5 DB Hang Clean and Jerks Right Arm (50/35)
8 DB Overhead Lunges Alternating Legs (DB in Right Hand)
5 DB Hang Clean and Jerks Left Arm
8 DB Overhead Lunges Alternating Legs (DB in Left Hand)
Run 1 Lap

CrossFit 616
Tuesday, September 3

We hear a lot about our online bubbles on social media in the news these days. These platforms are set up to deliver information they think you want to see. But the problem is we never get exposed to other ideas and the other side of certain arguments. And this can lead to a very narrow window to view the world through. But it’s not just online, we can easily fall into our bubble in the real world too. I know I have to constantly remind myself that not everyone is into fitness and nutrition the way you all at the gym are.

The video below from Jason Khalipa discusses how we can learn something from everyone. He points out that feedback can sometimes be off putting, but if we really take the time to listen, we may find real value in it.

As he says, we tend not to engage. And when we don’t really listen or move into a deeper conversation, we never get to learn what that person truly has to offer.

Hopefully we can all be open to learning from those around us, and hopefully we’re meeting new people are really listening to what they have to say. Great information and feedback doesn’t always have to come from some authority figure, so be open to what people are telling you and use it to your advantage.

Workout for Tuesday, September 3
10 Rounds for Time
Row 500m
10 Burpees

CrossFit 616
Monday, September 2

Remember we have just one class Monday at 8:30 am. Come get your workout in and go have some fun on Labor Day!

CrossFit has changed the season for the Open and the Games, and although none of us may be competing to make it to the CrossFit Games right now, the Open is a great test of our fitness each year. We encourage everyone to do the Open workouts so you can gauge your progress from year to year and see where you are in your fitness journey.

The Open is normally in February and March, but the start of the 2020 Games season starts on October 10 this year with the announcement of the first Open workout. That means the Open is about 6 weeks away!

We have done Friday Night Lights in the past for the Open workouts in an attempt to get as many people as possible together to do the workout each week. But since we have two Opens in 2019, we’re going to try something different this time.

We will do the Open workouts on Saturday mornings starting with a 9:15 am standards meeting. This gives people that have never been able to attend on Friday night a chance to do the Open workouts with the group, and maybe allows more people to make it in for the event. We realize this won’t be an option for everyone each week, so you can always find a judge and do the Open workout in the North gym on Friday or Monday if needed.

We will have more info about how Saturdays during the Open will go, but we will still have weightlifting and Elements at 8:!5 am then spend a couple of hours running heats of the Open after that.

Registration is now live! For more info and to register for the Open click here.

Workout for Monday, September 2
5 Rounds for Time
Run 400 meters
30 Box Jumps (24/20)
30 Wall ball shots (20# to 10' / 14# to 9')

CrossFit 616
Friday, August 30

We are doing the class CrossFit benchmark Nasty Girls today. We use these benchmark workouts to measure our progress over time. So record your time and make sure you look back at your previous time. Did you go faster, did you use more weight, did you do pull ups or muscle ups? All of these things are ways of measuring progress so it’s not just about the time on the clock.

We test lots of CrossFit benchmark workouts - Fran, Diane, Annie, Nicole and more. So what’s up with all the girl names?

Morning Chalk Up did a little research into why these workouts are named after girls and who these girls are. Check out the article here for more info on the workouts and the people.

And check out the original Nasty Girls video below featuring Annie, Nicole and Eva T!

Workout for Friday, August 30
"Nasty Girls"
3 Rounds for Time
50 Air Squats
7 Ring Muscle Ups
10 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

- Rest 2 min -

1 Mile For Time

*Two scores: WOD Time and Total Time w/ Mile

CrossFit 616
Thursday, August 29

I saw this meme the other day and had to share it. For some reason we live in a culture that seems to reward or appreciate unhealthy behavior. Whether it’s eating massive amounts of food, drinking tons of alcohol, not sleeping or resting at all, these are the things people brag about.


We all know that bringing healthy food to the office can bring more shaming than a McDonald’s bag, and for whatever reason, sleeping the fewest hours is like a badge of honor.

Hopefully you choose a different lifestyle. And hopefully the example you set will start to rub off on those around you.

We all know we feel better when we eat well, sleep enough, and exercise so don’t fall into the trap of societal “norms.” And don’t let those who don’t understand bring you down!


Workout for Thursday, August 29
13 min AMRAP
25 Deadlifts (225/155)
25 Wall Balls (20# to 10' / 14# to 9')
25 Cal Row
25 Strict HSPU

CrossFit 616
Wednesday, August 28

The people have spoken and we will be moving the 6 am class to 5:30 am starting Monday, September 16. Hopefully this gives everyone a chance to make any necessary changes to your schedules and allows more people to make it to class each day. Let us know if you have questions.

Next Monday is Labor Day and we will only have one class at 8:30 am. Come get your workout in and enjoy the holiday!

Also, the OUTWOD is fast approaching! Get your spot reserved for the September 14 event by registering here. And please share this event with people outside of the CrossFit circle. We want to let the Grand Rapids community know that 616 is a place for everyone to feel welcome and encouraged. You can send people to the Facebook event page here.

Workout for Wednesday, August 28
19 min AMRAP
6 DB Hang Clean and Jerk Right Arm
6 DB Hang Clean and Jerk Left Arm
12 T2B
Run 1 Lap

*Scale T2B w/ V-Ups or Sit Ups

CrossFit 616
Tuesday, August 27

Wednesday is Wednesday FriendsDay! Bring a friend to any class time to try CrossFit for the first time!

This is another reminder to always pay attention to exactly what you are putting into your body. We want you reading food labels so you know how many calories you are eating and how much of each macronutrient you’re eating. It’s always important to understand what you’re taking in, but sometimes the industry lets us down.

This is the problem with supplements. Supplements are currently unregulated, and that means they can basically do whatever they want and the Food and Drug Administration can’t do much about it. And sometimes that means they’ll lie to us about what ingredients are in their products.

This is one HUGE reason to rely on real food for your calories and nutrition. Supplements have their place, but they should not be the base of your nutrition.

As you can see in the post below, US Anti-Doping has identified three supplement companies that have been indicted for using unlisted illegal substances in their supplements. The lack of regulation allows these products to be on the market, then we’re stuck backtracking to make these companies responsible.

If you are competing in any sport, some of these supplements would make you test positive for banned substances.

Always know what you are putting in your body and always be careful with supplements. If you are not familiar with the company or the product, do you research before you dive in!

Workout for Tuesday, August 27
Front Squat
2X5 @ 65% to 75%
3X3 @ 75% +
*Goal is to Build to Heavy set of 3 for Today

For Time
10 - 8 - 6 - 4 - 2
Thrusters (135/95)
100 - 80 - 60 - 40 - 20
Double Unders

CrossFit 616
Monday, August 26

Here's a clip from an interview with former Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed who was just inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

I wrote a blog a while ago about "how you do one thing is how you do everything" and it sparked a lot of debate and discussion on the topic. And I think this clip kind of picks up on that. And in this case, I agree that the details matter.

In the clip he is talking about attention to detail. He was in a locker room full of guys that wanted to win the Super Bowl. They had this shared goal, but he saw that their actions surrounding this goal weren't consistent. Ed believed that everything they did in the locker room and on the field would determine their success.

This is a case where I agree that everything matters. Attention to every detail matters.

It might not matter if he makes his bed or not, but once he walks into that stadium everyday for work or a game, everything matters.

If you want to get good at something, or be the best in the world like the eventual Super Bowl champ Ravens, details matter.

In the gym we go through technique and position almost every time we touch a barbell. This isn't just for fun or to warm you up - it's because those details matter when you want to be successful with these lifts.

You can decide which things in your life are important enough to receive your full attention. Everything can't get it and the list can change all of the time. But whatever it is you choose, give it your all. The little things matter!

Luckily, here at 616 you have people that care surrounding you. People that want to help you reach your goals. Take advantage of that.

In his retirement speech Ed Reed said, “If we surround ourselves with the right people, in the right environment, our opportunity for success increases greatly,”

You've surrounded yourselves with the right people, now it's up to you!

Workout for Monday, August 26

CrossFit 616