Friday, March 22

The last week of the Open is here! I had a lot of fun with you all during the Open and really enjoyed watching everyone push themselves and learn a lot about themselves in the process.

Remember, we are celebrating the end of the Open at the Knickerbocker at New Holland at 8 pm Friday night. This party is for everyone whether you signed up for the Open or not. Hope to see you there!

Please review the rules and standards for 19.5 before you complete or judge the workout.

Workout for Friday, March 22
Open Workout 19.5
33-27-21-15-9 reps for time of:
95-lb. thrusters
Chest-to-bar pull-ups

Time cap: 20 minutes

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Thursday, March 21

As promised, here’s a post from Coach Tom on The Power of Less!

A lot of you have probably heard me reference The Power of Less by Leo Babauta in the recent months. The book is a quick read and has one brilliant idea after another making it easy to enjoy and hard to put down. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make more of their time, accomplish goals, and enjoy life a little more. The Ginops gifted me the book back in January and after reading through it once, I have made another trip through the book highlighting the “Ah-Hah!” concepts to practice more of in my daily life. Those concepts are what I’m here to talk about in a series of posts breaking each one down into the important details.

With our daily lives seeming out of our control and increasingly busy, I hope that the key points I’m sharing from my notes will help.

Set Limitations

Identify the things in your life that are most essential. These are the things that you love, bring you the most joy, and have the highest impact. Identify what areas of your life are overwhelming, things you’d like simplified, and what you’d like to limit. These can be possessions, incoming information, and responsibilities at work, home, or elsewhere in life. Set limitations on the time you spend on the non-essentials and the stuff that goes with them. Examples of these could be emails, daily tasks and responsibilities, phone, internet, social media, clutter, and much more. The goal in setting limitations on these items is to make more time for those things that you love, bring you the most joy, and have the highest impact…the essentials.

Before setting limitations on the non-essentials you first need to assess the amount of time you spend on the non-essentials. How many times a day do you check email? How often do you open social media accounts? Is your home or work-space cluttered making it hard to focus or stressful? How often do you feel the need to look at your phone, whether there’s an alert or not? Here are some places to start:

Email: Limit the number of times you check your email each day. Ideally, you would check your email twice daily. Once in the mid-morning and again in the afternoon. If that’s not possible for you, maybe limit the number of times checking email to four times a day. Find a number that’s reasonable and will allow you to meet responsibilities. Then reassess in a few months and decide if you could check it less.

Social Media and Phones: Just like email, set aside time blocks during your day to check in with social media, make your posts, kill time scrolling through silly memes and others’ posts, and whatever else it is you do with social media. Set a timer for 5 minutes a few times a day to make sure you don’t end up down the endless spiral of a hole that social media can lead you down. Bookmark interesting posts to view later when your important tasks are complete. Be aware of urges to look at your phone for no reason or that instinctive habit to open social media and scroll. You might realize that you’re more glued to your phone than you thought. When you find yourself doing that just redirect your attention to what you were doing and move on with the task at hand.

Cluttered Spaces: Clutter and disorganization have been shown to cause increased stress and anxiety. Put a time and date on your calendar to go into work early or stay after late to organize your work space to where everything has been filed and it’s neat and orderly. If your home is cluttered and needs a cleaning and reduction of stuff, set aside half of a day on the weekend to clean up. Maybe start with one room and clean it start to finish. Then pick another room to go through on another weekend.

As you identify those non-essential items in your life you can continue to limit the time and energy spent on them in an effort to increase the things that bring you the most joy!

Workout for Thursday, March 21
Row 5K @ 150 BPM Heart Rate
*Checking Every 1,000m for 25 beats in 10 sec

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Wednesday, March 20

I saw the post below from a friend and it spoke to me, and figured you may be able to relate as well.

It can be so hard to live in the moment. I always seem to be looking ahead to what’s next that I am not really focused on the task at hand. And even if it’s something as simple or “unimportant” like washing the dishes, I think we can all benefit from staying focused on one thing at a time.

And it’s not just about focus. I think I can benefit from just being in the moment. Living that minute to the fullest without thinking about what’s next or what I wish I was doing. I sometimes find it hard to sit and enjoy a minute of peace without picking up my phone for no reason.

If we practice staying in the present with mundane tasks, maybe we can start to enjoy everything in life a little more.

Can you actually live and enjoy one minute of life at a time?

Workout for Wednesday, March 20
Hang Power Snatch
*Increase Weight as Reps Decrease

11 min AMRAP
7 Hang Power Snatches (95/65)
9 Bar Hop Burpees
11 T2B

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Tuesday, March 19

Ladies, get your leggings order in by this Wednesday! They are in the lounge to try on (before you workout)!

And everyone, please join us for the After-the-Open Party at the Knickerbocker at New Holland this Friday at 8 pm! This party is for everyone, not just those signed up for the Open. Let’s celebrate your accomplishments of the 2019 Open!

Also, next Wednesday is Wednesady FriendsDay! Bring a friend to any class throughout the day to try CrossFit for the first time. Wednesday FriendsDay is always the last Wednesday of the month if you want to plan ahead.

Workout for Tuesday, March 19
Pull Up Progressions

Front Squats
1X3 @ 70%
2X2 @ 75% to 80%
2X1 @ 80% to 90%
3X1 @ 90% +
*Green light to attempt new max.

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Monday, March 18

I get to write this post at least once a year during the Open so here it goes again…

After watching 19.4 and seeing multiple first pull ups and muscle ups I remember why the competition aspect of the Open is important. There’s just something about being in this scenario of not having a choice that pushes you to another level.

But sometimes we don’t succeed on a particular movement or weight. So what do we do?

I choose to let that motivate me to train harder. I continue to work on my weaknesses, and I definitely don’t wait until next year’s Open to try again.

Each year we see people get their first muscle up in the Open, and then the excitement fades away and we forget to keep going from there. That first muscle up, or pull up, or whatever is just the FIRST! Don’t stop trying them when the Open ends.

If you continue where you left off after 19.4 and keep putting in the work on those movements you WILL be better next year.

It’s hard to think that far ahead, but try to harness the excitement of the Open and remember how bad you wanted that rep at that time.

The Open is here to push you and motivate you. Yes, we’re all going to get to the point of failure at some time, but that doesn’t mean it’s all over. This is just the beginning!

If you didn’t accomplish your goal in this workout that is ok. Don’t think of it as a failure. Think of it as useful information that will help you get better going forward.

If you want a muscle up or pull up in the next Open (which is in October this year), don’t wait until the workout announcement to start trying! START NOW! Hold on to that feeling and use that as motivation.

You are capable, but it takes work. So if you really want it, keep working, ask for help, and never give up!

Workout for Monday, March 18
Jump Rope Progressions
Single Under Test
5 Rounds of:
30 sec Max Single unders
30 sec Rest

5 Rounds for Time
12 DB Front Rack Lunges Alternating Legs (50/35)
12 DB Shoulder to Overhead (50/35 - 6 on Right, then 6 on Left)
12 Push Ups

CrossFit 616
Friday, March 15

Open workout 19.4! Here we go…

Remember the last class of the day is at noon. If you can’t make Friday Night Lights remember you need to schedule your own judge!

Please review the rules and standards before you perform or judge the workout!

Workout for Friday, March 15
Open Workout 19.4
For total time:

3 rounds of:
10 snatches (95/65)
12 bar-facing burpees

Then, rest 3 minutes before continuing with:

3 rounds of:
10 bar muscle-ups
12 bar-facing burpees

Time cap: 12 minutes, including 3-minute rest period

CrossFit 616
Thursday, March 14

Multitasking is actually impossible, you’re really microtasking, jumping back and forth, and never fully concentrating on one thing. If you can’t focus on the task at hand long enough, you’ll never allow your brain to get into the state of real creativity and focus.

I challenge you to put your phone down and focus on one task for 20 minutes and see how much better that work will go.

Check out this video explaining how our phones are not just a distraction, but can actually cause more anxiety by keeping us from focusing on one thing at a time.

Tom recently read the book The Power of Less and he’s going to follow up on this post soon with more information on how to focus and get more done by doing less!

Workout for Thursday, March 14
6 Rounds
4 Min Each Round, Rest 2 min Between Each
Row 300m or Ride 0.6km Sprint
15 Box Jumps (step down)
15 Sit Ups
Steady Burpees in Remaining Time
*Row/Bike, Box Jumps, and Sit Ups are fast.
*Steady and Unbroken Burpees!
*Alternate Rounds of Bike and Row.

CrossFit 616
Wednesday, March 13

What do the people of the world die from?

Mark Bayer sent me this article and it’s a look at the statistics of what humans die from all over the world. It’s eye-opening and there are some positive and negative takeaways.

First, we are living longer than ever before and infant mortality has been cut in half in recent decades, but a lot of people are still dying from preventable causes.

The article lists things like diarrhea and road accidents as preventable deaths, but the number one killer worldwide is cardiovascular diseases, which don’t fall into their “preventable” category.

However, I would argue that most cardiovascular diseases are preventable with proper nutrition and exercise.

The CDC says “Many chronic diseases are caused by a short list of risk behaviors:

  • Tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke.

  • Poor nutrition, including diets low in fruits and vegetables and high in sodium and saturated fats.

  • Lack of physical activity.

  • Excessive alcohol use.”

So, if those are the cause of many of these diseases, we should be able to prevent them by not doing these things, right?

One in three people worldwide die from cardiovascular disease according to the article. That’s scary to think about, and it is all the motivation I need to make sure my nutrition, activity levels, and lifestyle keep me out of that 33%.

Science and technology continue to improve and offer us more solutions to our health issues, but it always seems to come back to the same thing in the end. Go back to the basics - eat real food, not too much, and exercise regularly.

I don’t think we will ever be able to replace these things with machines and pills. It takes some work on our end, but isn’t it worth it?

Workout for Wednesday, March 13
18 min AMRAP
40 Double Unders or 80 Double Unders
20 DB Snatches Alternating Arms (50/35)
40 Double Unders
20 Single Arm Overhead DB Lunges (50/35)
40 Double Unders
*For OH Lunges: 10 w/ Right Arm, then 10 w/ Left Arm
*Always alternating legs on Lunges

CrossFit 616
Tuesday, March 12

Just a couple reminders of upcoming events!

  1. The End of the Open Party will be Friday, March 22 at New Holland on Bridge St. at 8 pm following Friday Night Lights. Join us for some post-Open food and drink to celebrate all of your hard work. There are plenty of options for those of you in the nutrition challenge, and this can be a great way to practice going out and sticking to your plan!

  2. The gym will close at 7 pm on Thursday, March 28 for coaches training. Please make sure you plan accordingly and get your workout in early if needed. We will have a normal schedule up to 7, including weightlifting at 6 pm.

Workout for Tuesday, March 12
Pause Back Squat
5X2 @ 75% to 85%
*2 sec Pause in Bottom, No Bouncing to Stand

3 Rounds for Time
14 Thrusters (105/75)
14 Bar Hop Burpees

CrossFit 616
Monday, March 11

The Open workout this week was an interesting one. We had three movements that have never been in the Open before and a fourth that was nearly impossible to get to outside of the very elite athletes out there.

I’ve seen lots of talk about how the strict handstand push up is too tough of a movement, even the elevated scaled version. And that’s right, it is a really tough movement, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be in the Open.

Every year before the Open we talk about how it is for everyone. It’s a chance to test your fitness year to year and gauge your strengths and weaknesses. It can give you direction for training and practicing for the next year. So why put in a movement that a lot of people just can’t do?

This isn’t the first time they’ve done this and it won’t be the last. The reason is that when you sign up for a competition like this and HAVE to complete certain movements, you will try, and try harder, than ever before. And that means people accomplish things they have never done before. That’s what competition can do - push you to a new level and show you what you are truly capable of doing.

I actually think the way these workouts are structured are great for testing this. They give you just enough time to get in lots of work on the first two movements, then you get a minute or two or three to try something you have never done before. There really isn’t a way to recreate this day to day. You can’t simulate the competitive environment.

And if you didn’t get your first handstand push up this week, that’s ok. Maybe you are not quite there yet in your fitness journey. But guess what? You can get there!

19.3 is not the end of the journey. It’s just a stopping point along the way to evaluate where you are. You can look back and see where you have been and look ahead at where you want to go.

And trust me, I get it. It is very frustrating at the moment to not be able to do something, but don’t let that get you down. Let it motivate you and push you to keep training and keep attacking those weaknesses, so when these things show up in the future you will be ready!

Workout for Monday, March 11
*Only Increase Weight with Good Position!

Min 1: 7 Power Cleans (155/105) + 7 C2B Pull Ups
Min 2: 7 Deadlifts (155/105) + 7 Shoulder to Overhead (155/105)
MIn 3: Rest

CrossFit 616
Friday, March 8

Here we go again! The halfway point of the Open is already here.

Once again we will be running heats of the Open workout during Friday Night Lights. That means the last class of the day is the noon class. We will have open gym until 5 pm, and then we will begin with a standards and rules meeting. The first heat will begin around 5:20-5:30 depending on the workout.

Also, you DO NOT need to be officially in the Open to come workout, judge, or hangout. The Open is a great community event and we want to see as many of you here as possible each week!

When you arrive Friday evening please sign up for a heat to workout and judge. Remember, you don’t want to sign up to workout immediately following a heat you judge - you need time to warm up!

Please review the rules video before you arrive.

Workout for Friday, March 8
Open Workout 19.3
For time:
200-ft. dumbbell overhead lunge (35/50)
50 dumbbell box step-ups (35/50) (20”/24”)
50 strict handstand push-ups
200-ft. handstand walk

10 min Cap

For time:
200-ft. dumbbell front-rack lunge (35/50)
50 dumbbell box step-ups (35/50) (20”/24”)
50 5-in. elevated strict handstand push-ups
200-ft. bear crawl

CrossFit 616
Thursday, March 7

The infographic below, and the accompanying caption, explain the myth of “Slow Metabolism.”

We have heard for years that slow metabolism can be blamed for weight gain, but science says that is just not true. Our bodies want to be in energy balance. That means your body wants exactly the amount of fuel required to function each day. And bigger people use more energy to support normal body functions. That means the bigger you are, the higher your resting metabolic rate, also known as metabolism.

If you eat more food than your body requires, you will typically store that extra energy as fat. And as your body mass increases, your body must raise your metabolic rate to try to stay in energy balance. If your metabolic rate didn’t increase we would never stop gaining weight.

So, by definition, more body mass = higher metabolism.

This doesn’t mean it’s easy to gain or lose weight for everyone, it’s just the science of how we use energy. But what it does mean is that we should avoid marketing and fads that claim to ”boost your metabolism.”

Want a metabolism boost? Gain weight. That’s the exact opposite result most of us are looking for.

Check out the graphic below and read the caption for a better explanation and more info.

View this post on Instagram

It is commonplace for one to attribute obesity or unhealthy weight gain to a "slow metabolism", i.e. low resting metabolic rate (RMR) or even the other way around in that obesity causes a dramatic slowing of one's metabolism. We hear it all the time. These false notions have largely enabled, at least in my opinion, the massive and, unfortunately growing presence of obscure proprietary weight-loss programs that are claimed to "boost" one's metabolism or RMR where in fact the way one boosts their RMR is by simply gaining weight. . ✔️I've always said that a "metabolism boosting weight loss program" is one of the biggest oxymorons in the industry. A change in RMR (minimum energy demand and therefore expenditure) does not happen overnight. It is a long term adaptation to a continuous stress that challenges overall energy homeostasis/balance. . ✔️Specifically, a caloric surplus such as during overnutrition, stimulates a positive energy balance in which the energy/caloric input from excessive nutrient/fuel intake exceeds energy that the body needs and therefore expends. Like most biological organisms, when there are extra energy-containing fuel resources, the body likes to hold onto it. For humans, we like to hold onto it in the form of energy-dense fat molecules which are largely stored in adipose tissue. Over time, the response will be increased body fat and bodymass; this is not the adaptation however. . ✔️The adaptation to prolonged positive energy imbalance is an increase in resting metabolic rate or simply, a "boost in metabolism". This adaptive response is simply to re-establish energy balance. If we did not have this adaptability, we would just simply continue to gain weight. Upon adaptation, body mass stabilizes because there is no longer an energy imbalance. . ✔️Bottom line, obese individuals have a comparatively high metabolic rate and therefore have a large propensity for weight-loss so never buy into any type of weight loss program that is said to boost metabolism #cpphprl

A post shared by Eddie Jo, PhD, CSCS*D, CISSN (@dr.eddiejo) on

Workout for Thursday, March 7
Aerobic Capacity
Not For Time:
500m Row
1 km Bike
15 Burpees
1000m Row
2 km Bike
15 Burpees
1500m Row
3 km Bike
15 Burpees
1,000m Row

*Goal is maintaining 150 BPM Heart Rate

CrossFit 616
Wednesday, March 6

We’re approaching the halfway point of the CrossFit Open and we have been so impressed by your performances so far. These workouts are not easy, and watching you all push each week reminds me why I got into coaching in the first place.

Make sure you put Friday, March 22 on your calendars! That Friday night is the last Open workout and we will be heading to New Holland after to celebrate another successful test of our fitness.

There are always ups and downs to competition, and the Open is no different. I know we have said this in class a few times, but your approach to the Open, or any competition, should be as a test of where you are at this particular time in your fitness journey.

That means that you don’t need to compare yourself to anyone else, or any past or future version of yourself. Life happens, circumstances and priorities change. There is no straight upward line of progress. There will be dips and valleys along the way, but if you zoom out, there is always movement in the right direction.

So, when you are assessing your performance in the Open or any other time of year, don’t just look at the scores on the whiteboard. Take into account EVERYTHING happening in you life at that particular time. Did you move? Did you have a child? Were you sick or injured? Did you get a new job? Did you recently make a big change in your diet?

There are a ton of factors that affect your performance in the gym. Just be aware of them so you can make an honest assessment of where you are. And don’t let a “bad” score get you down. Let it motivate you to work harder and do your best each day. In the end it’s more about the journey than the destination, and we are glad we are on this trip with you!

Workout for Wednesday, March 6
Handstand Push Up Practice

10 Minutes 

Handstand Progressions

HSPU Open Standards Practice

Clean Practice

18 minutes to Build to Heavy Complex

1 Power Clean + 1 Squat Clean + 1 Push Jerk

*Build Up with Good Positions and Good Lockouts!

CrossFit 616
Tuesday, March 5

Please remember that we are hosting the BIRTHFIT Prenatal Fitness class tomorrow in the North Gym from 6-8 pm. We will need that space cleared out by 6 pm. Thank you!

Also, if you have friends that want to try CrossFit for the first time, please check with us to make sure we get them here on a good day for new people. The last Wednesday of each month is Wednesday FriendsDay, but if they can’t make that day or don’t want to wait that long we can find another day as long as we have some advance notice.

Lastly, remember that the gym will close at 7 pm on Thursday, March 28 for coaches training. Please put this on your calendars. Thank you!

Workout for Tuesday, March 5
20 min AMRAP
5 T2B
10 Russian KB Swings (53/35)
1.0 km Bike or 500m Row
*Alternate Rounds of Biking and Rowing

CrossFit 616
Monday, March 4

The nutrition challenge officially started Sunday and a lot of you are embarking on this journey with us. We’re excited to help you get on track with your nutrition so you can find a way to eat healthy and sustain that long-term.

Find a diet that works for you isn’t easy and you may have to try a few different things. Doing a challenge that puts limitations on what you can eat helps you figure out what food make you feel great, and when you reintroduce certain groups later, you may figure out what makes you feel bad.

Also, finding a diet that works for you means no more “dieting.” We want you to figure out what you can do for the rest of your life. This isn’t about doing fad diets and finding “tricks.” Eat real food, not too much, mostly plants. Good luck to everyone on the challenge and to those of you doing your own thing to find what works for you!

Here’s a funny video about all those fad diets we keep hearing about!

Workout for Monday, March 4
Back Squat
2X3 @ 70% to 80%
2X2 @ 80% to 85%

For Time:
100 Double Unders
10 DB Thrusters (35/20)
80 Double Unders
15 DB Thrusters
60 Double Unders
20 DB Thrusters
40 Double Unders
*Scale Double Unders with 2X Single Unders

CrossFit 616
Friday, March 1

Remember, the last class of the day is at noon on Fridays during the Open. Come join us for Friday Night Lights to take on 19.2 with everyone! We will cover standards and rules at 5 pm and start heat one shortly after that. Please watch the rules video below before you get here to be prepared!

Workout for Friday, March 1
Open Workout 19.2
Beginning on an 8-minute clock, complete as many reps as possible of:
  25 toes-to-bars
  50 double-unders
  15 squat cleans, 135 lb.
  25 toes-to-bars
  50 double-unders
  13 squat cleans, 185 lb.
If completed before 8 minutes, add 4 minutes to the clock and proceed to:
  25 toes-to-bars
  50 double-unders
  11 squat cleans, 225 lb.
If completed before 12 minutes, add 4 minutes to the clock and proceed to:
  25 toes-to-bars
  50 double-unders
  9 squat cleans, 275 lb.
If completed before 16 minutes, add 4 minutes to the clock and proceed to:
  25 toes-to-bars
  50 double-unders
  7 squat cleans, 315 lb.

Stop at 20 minutes.

CrossFit 616
Thursday, February 28

Please make note that we will NOT have a 7 pm class on Thursday, March 28. We have a coaches development meeting that evening and will be closing early so we can grow as individual coaches, as a staff, and serve you better. Right now, we have four other meetings like this scheduled for 2019. We will let you know the exact dates on the others as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding and allowing us to improve and learn more to pass on to you!

Also, a few people had questions about Friday Night Lights after last week. You DO NOT need to be officially registered for the Open to workout at Friday Night Lights. We will not have normal classes on Friday evening, so you will warm up on your own and sign up for a heat to do the workout, but you won’t need a judge like those registered for the Open. But we would love to have as many people as possible join us on Friday night. And, as always, you don’t have to workout to hang out! Just come have some fun and cheer people on if that’s your thing!

Workout for February 28

Aerobic Capacity
Bike or Row
4 Rounds
4:45 of Steady Pace at 150 BPM Heart Rate
:15 Max Effort Sprint
*No Rest Between Rounds.

CrossFit 616
Wednesday, February 27

It’s Wednesday FriendsDay! Bring a friend to any class time today to try CrossFit for the first time!

One more reminder from Coach Jeff that we’ve got a 6-week nutrition challenge coming up soon!

Cost is $50, and it runs from March 3rd to April 13th. There are cash prizes for the top three people in two categories (percent weight lost and points).

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or just clean up your diet, you’ve got a shot at winning money. Or if a challenge/competition isn't right for you, but you'd still like to get your nutrition on track, you can follow along without worrying about keeping score.

We’ll be using divided containers to control the amount of food we eat and focusing on only eating real food for six weeks.

There is a sign-up sheet at the whiteboard board, or email to get registered. There will be a private Facebook group to encourage members, share recipes and meal prep tips, as well as answer questions. You’ll have to send in your points weekly, and we’ll be weighing in before the challenge starts as well as at the end. Once you sign up, you’ll get all the rules (but please ask questions you’ve got now!), food lists, and FAQs to help get you started.

We can’t wait to help get you to the next level and take the next steps in your health and fitness journey!

Who’s in?

Workout for Wednesday, February 27
Med Ball Clean Practice

12 min AMRAP
Calories on Bike
Med Ball Cleans

CrossFit 616
Tuesday, February 26

We have some sample leggings in for ladies to try on. These can ONLY be tried on before you workout. They are from Four Athletics and you can see them here. They will have the CrossFit 616 logo and price will depend on how many we can order, but they will be close to $70. They will only come in black and there’s is a size comparison chart below:


There are a couple of people competing at upcoming weightlifting meets that are getting custom singlets printed with the West Michigan Barbell logo. These have not gone to print yet, so if you are interested in something like this, let us know. You will need to purchase a singlet and it can only be printed on if it is brand new - never worn, never washed. There will also be a printing fee, but it depends on how many we end up doing. Let us know if you are interested by the end of this week!

And, for those of you in the Nutrition Challenge, or anyone just looking for a great source for quality vegetables, Christie let us know about a farm share that is really close to the gym. Here’s the link to the website for more information. This is a great way to get quality food and support local agriculture! Thanks, Christie!

And one last thing! This Wednesday is Wednesday FriendsDay - bring a friend to any class time to try CrossFit for the first time!

Workout for Tuesday, February 26
10 minutes of Skill Practice
Kipping Swing
Pull Ups and Chest to Bar Pull ups
Bar and Ring Muscle Ups

Strict Pull Up Progressions

9 min AMRAP
30 Double Unders or 60 Single Unders
15 Sit Ups
7 Burpees

CrossFit 616
Monday, February 25

A message from Coach Tom on his nutrition changes!

Monday, November 26th, 2018 I decided to try something new with my nutrition. I decided to simplify everything and follow a plan I’d never tried before. Before I get to the specifics, let me give you my brief background.

My mom had a term she used to describe my physical build as a child and into my teenage years: “Husky.” I was overweight all growing up. Even being a good athlete growing up, my physical appearance always lingered as a negative thought for me. I was overweight for a reason. My diet consisted of pop-tarts and other sugary stuff for breakfast, huge portions of hot school lunches, two or more servings of every dinner at home, and so many snacks.

Then I found CrossFit later in college. I got stronger, became faster and more powerful, I ate healthier, and I felt amazing! In my 8 or 9 years of doing CrossFit my weight slowly climbed, due to muscle gain along with some inconsistent nutrition trends. I’ve tried multiple times over the years to do extra workouts to burn some extra calories to look better, but it never changed the way I looked. I’ve always said it and known it was the truth, but I was in denial...You can’t out-train a bad diet. My diet has never been BAD, but never consistent enough to make the changes I wanted to see.

Now let’s get back to November 26th, 2018. I meal prepped just like always on Sunday the 25th. The difference was that I meal prepped myself four meals for each day. Just four meals each day made up of real food, proper portions, and mostly plants. No snacks, no going back for seconds or adding to the meals. I remember that first week being incredibly challenging and it made me aware of how serious my old habits were. I was constantly going to the fridge or cupboard for something to eat, even if it was 30 minutes after eating one of my meals. I made it through that first week battling old habits hard. On that first Friday, I remember all too well feeling the urge to cry, be angry, laugh, cry again, get angrier, and finish with crying myself to sleep. All the emotions, all the withdrawals, and all the forward progress. I kept after it. Week after week I focused on sticking to the principles of the plan. My habits changed. I knew that the new habits were sticking when I stopped myself from taking a bite of cereal from my nephew’s bowl telling myself, “I don’t do that anymore.”

I’m now down 20 pounds since November 26th and I feel awesome and I’m happier than ever with how I’m starting to look. Better than that, I know that I’m eating healthy foods and my self-control has never been this strong. I have written countless plans for individuals and I have designed and run Fueling Activity over and over. I have seen people get amazing results from those things. I’ve also seen them fall off because the workload to maintain the plan was too high. I know this challenge coming up isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok. I just thought it might help to share my background along with my experience over the last couple of months. I’m excited to see what you are all able to do following the principles that have changed my attitude towards food and have made me excited about my nutrition staying solid for the long run.

Workout for February 25
20 min to Build in Snatch Complex
1 Power Snatch from Floor
1 Hang Squat Snatch
2 Overhead Squats

DB Box Step Ups

CrossFit 616