Tuesday, July 23

This Saturday we will hold the 9:30 am class at the Briggs Park track! Weightlifting and Elements are moving up 15 minutes to 8 am so we can get to the track by 9:30. Still sign up in advance for this class please!

Here’s a great follow up story from James Starks, WZZM reporter and 616 member, about Lauren Ziegler’s recovery from her stroke. If you haven’t heard of Cori and Tom’s new venture, Thank You For My Fitness, you’ll see how that organization is helping raise money for local charities including Mary Free Bed, where Lauren began her recovery.

Check out the video and go visit Thank You For My Fitness!

Workout for Tuesday, July 23
Weighted Pull Ups
3 - 3 - 2 - 2 - 1
*Scale Options:
Weighted Negatives
Banded Strict Pull Ups
Increasing Difficulty Bar Rows

5 Rounds for Time
5 Hang Clean and Jerks (135/95)
40 Double Unders

CrossFit 616Comment
Monday, July 22

Remember that this Thursday, July 25 we will NOT have the 7 pm CrossFit class. We are closing early for coaches training. Thanks and we promise to learn and improve to help you be better athletes!

Amelia Boone is an obstacle course racing world champ and ultra marathoner. She is a runner at the top of her game, but a week ago she revealed to the world she has been battling an eating disorder for 20 years. She wrote a blog post on her website discussing her battle with anorexia and how she finally decided to get treatment for the disease.

I really hope you give this article a read. It’s shocking to hear that a world-class athlete has issues with food, but that is the point. Eating disorders and mental health issues don’t all look the same. If you struggle with food, addiction, or other mental health issues there is help out there.

I could go on summarizing her story, but she does a much better job of telling it.

The reality is while I no longer defined my world around my eating disorder identity, for all of those years, I hadn’t let go of it fully. I hung on to disordered thoughts and eating habits. The only difference now was that I had sport to fixate on instead. And I was at the top of the obstacle racing world. I was a “normal” BMI, I was muscular, and I was winning every race, so it was easy to minimize my disordered relationship with food. It was easy to compartmentalize the thoughts and say, “Hush, I’ll deal with you later,” or to think that there actually wasn’t a problem because I was performing so well. It was OK to have a different diet or eating patterns because “I was an athlete.” It was OK to compare my body to other female athletes on the start line and to covet their abs, because that’s just “what women do.” It was acceptable to dehydrate myself and starve myself before cover shoots was part of the gig. As long as I was competing and winning, “just managing” with food didn’t seem like that big of a deal. I was getting away with it. So clearly, there was no problem.

Until there was. 

Take a few minutes to read the full post and if you need help, please seek it out or ask us for help finding someone.

Workout for Monday, July 22
Pause Barbell Strict Press
1 sec Pause Overhead + 1 sec Pause in Bottom
*Build Up in Weight Maintaining Pauses

3 Rounds for Time
Run 1 Lap
25 Wall Balls (20# to 10' / 14# to 9')
Run 1 Lap
Rest 2 min
*16 min Time Cap

CrossFit 616Comment
Friday, July 19

“If you are going to spend the time exercising make sure you are performing high quality movements. Take off your headphones, concentrate on your body. Think about every area of it. Try moving very slow and controlled! Will you be able to lift as much weight? Probably not. But drop the ego and focus on quality of quantity. Your body will thank you now and in the future.”

This quote is from the Instagram post by Move U below. Watch the video. Read the full caption to understand the differences in the two sides. Focus on quality.

And yes, hopefully the puppy sucked you in enough to watch and read the whole thing!

View this post on Instagram

💪Bent Over Rows💪 Walk into any traditional gym and you are likely to see someone doing this exercise. Are they doing it well? Probably not. We see people destroy themselves with this exercise. Tag someone who could use this! ⁣ ⁣ Let’s compare these images starting with the head and neck. On the left you see a neutral neck position and he’s using the muscles to stay in alignment. On the right you see the neck flexed and the head falling down below the rest of the body. Looking at the shoulders you see powerful shoulders with the scapula in a great position on the left. On the right the blades are winging and the shoulders are collapsing. ⁣ ⁣ Looking at the torso you will see a strong, engage core on the left. His ribs are not thrusting and are in line with his hips. On the right his core is floppy and relaxed. On the left you see a nice clean hip hinge where the lower back is staying neutral. On the right you see his lower back rounding. ⁣ ⁣ If you are going to spend the time exercising make sure you are performing high quality movements. Take off your headphones, concentrate on your body. Think about every area of it. Try moving very slow and controlled! Will you be able to lift as much weight? Probably not. But drop the ego and focus on quality of quantity. Your body will thank you now and in the future. ⁣ ⁣ 💻Written by Katie Goss @MoveUKatie⁣ ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃⁣ 💯 Did you know we have an online program?! The MoveU program has helped thousands of people around the world! Learn more, and begin improving today at www.moveu.com, or simply click the link in our bio. 💯⁣ ⁣ #MoveU #Exercise #Fitness #CorrectiveExercise #PersonalTrainer #PhysicalTherapist #Chiropractor #LMT #MassageTherapist #NASM #ACE #ISSA #Massage #Gym #Workout #Athlete #Motivation #BodyHack #GoldsGym #24HourFitness #LAFitness #Pilates #Yoga #Weights⁣

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Workout for Friday, July 19
Push Press - Work from a Rack

*Build Up in Weight as Reps Decrease
Min 1) 100m Run
Min 2) 15 Air Squats + 10 Push Ups
Min 3) Single Arm DB Strict Press - 8 Reps Each Arm

CrossFit 616Comment
Thursday, July 18

It’s going to be extra hot and humid the next few days. Please be smart about your hydration and how hard you go on the workouts. We will be open, but you need to listen to your body, and if you need to stop or slow down, please do. Starting with the noon class on Thursday, we will have an ice chest on hand if you want to bring a towel to keep cold for after the workout. Clean towels only and no double dipping! If you need to bring more than one towel do it.

Almost every time we lift with a barbell we go through positions. If you hit the proper positions of a lift you will be in the most mechanically sound and strong positions. And if you are in those correct positions you will be able to better demonstrate your true strength. If you are out of position you will be weaker.

How do you get strong in the correct positions? Slow down and make sure you hit them with lighter weights. You need to OWN those positions. That means being comfortable and strong there. This may require extra mobility work for some of us, but that will help us demonstrate our strength more than attempting heavy weights over and over.

Check out this video from Catalyst Athletics on overhead stability in the bottom of the snatch. He points out that spending time in the bottom position can be very helpful for getting strong there. Hold that bottom position and don’t rush out of it. Get comfortable there and your body will move there quicker down the road. Watch the whole video for more tips and to see it in action!

Workout for Thursday, July 18
15 minute Clock
Build to Heavy 3 Rep High Hang Snatch

Front Squat
1X2 @ 75%
1X1 @ 80%
5X1 @ 85% to 90%
3X1 @ 90%

CrossFit 616Comment
Wednesday, July 17

Here’s a great article from the nutrition coaching company Working Against Gravity called 8 Eating Habits That Haunt Us From Childhood.

So many of the food choices we make stem from something other than hunger. We eat when we’re sad or to celebrate or because it’s part of the social setting we’re in. But if you can start to recognize why you are eating particular foods or why you’re eating more than you need, maybe you can control those cravings a little better.

I think a lot of the issues we have with food come from some other emotional needs. We need comfort or a distraction from what’s really going on and we turn to food. And while you may feel better temporarily, it always seems to make us feel worse in the long term.

If you have trouble making good food choices all the time (and who doesn’t?) then maybe your stuck in some of the old habits we developed growing up. Think about why you eat a certain way or crave certain things. If you can recognize what’s going on, it’s easier to break or change the habit.

Workout for Wednesday, July 17
Handstand and HSPU Practice

Running Diane
Run 400m
21 Deadlifts (225/155)
Run 400m
15 Deadlifts
Run 400m
9 Deadlifts

CrossFit 616
Tuesday, July 16

On September 14 we are hosting our first OUTWOD to support the LGBTQ+ community and the greater Grand Rapids community! We’re very excited to host this event and registration will be up soon through the OUTWOD site.

This is a fundraising event for the OUTWOD organization and local charity HQ, which is a drop-in center for youth ages 14 thru 24 who are experiencing unsafe or unstable housing in Grand Rapids.

To kick off the fundraising we will be selling CrossFit 616 Pride shirts and tank tops. You can order your shirt on the sign up sheet at the gym starting Wednesday. Shirts will be $30 and proceeds from the sale of those will go directly to the charities.

Also, Matt Hays is the real organizer of this event and he’s working on collecting items for the raffle on September 14. If you have any items you could donate please contact Matt at matt.hays13@gmail.com.


Workout for Tuesday, July 16
5 Working Sets

1 Power Clean

2 Push Press

1 Hang Squat Clean

1 Push Jerk

*Build Up in Weight Through Sets

4 Rounds for Time

40 Double Unders

14 Wall Balls (30# to 10' / 20# to 9')

CrossFit 616
Monday, July 15

In the CrossFit Journal in 2002 Greg Glassman wrote the article “What is Fitness” and included his now-famous World-Class Fitness in 100 Words:

Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.

Practice and train major lifts: Deadlift, clean, squat, presses, C&J, and snatch. Similarly, master the basics of gymnastics: pull-ups, dips, rope climb, push-ups, sit-ups, presses to handstand, pirouettes, flips, splits, and holds. Bike, run, swim, row, etc, hard and fast.

Five or six days per week mix these elements in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow. Routine is the enemy. Keep workouts short and intense.

Regularly learn and play new sports.

I’m pretty sure I have written about this before, but this time I want to focus on the last line. “Regularly learn and play new sports.”

This is one of those things (like nutrition) that we seem to forget about when we’re thinking about getting fitter. When CrossFit started holding competitions and people started thinking about how to get better at working out, we forgot that we were training for more than just being great exercisers.

I am all for competing and pushing yourself, and if CrossFit competitions are a way for you to do that, that is awesome. But don’t mistake every day in the gym for a sporting event. We are training for life. To be fit and healthy so we can get outside and play with our friends, kids, pets, or whatever.

Learning new sports challenges your brain and body in completely different ways than we can do in the gym each day. There are different types of movements and coordination you just can’t replicate with a barbell or pull up bar.

If you really want to be as fit as you can be, I challenge you to try new sports from time to time. Go swim, bike, play basketball or soccer. Do something that you’ve never done before. I think you’ll find the physical challenge exciting and maybe find a new “why” for your CrossFit training.

Let’s get out there and put all this fitness to use!

Workout for Monday, July 15
Pull Up Progressions

13 min AMRAP
9 Burpees
12 Sit Ups
Run 100m

CrossFit 616
Friday, July 12

Here’s your second CrossFit Games workout of the week!

We did the Triple Three on Wednesday and we’re taking a run at the Muscle Up Biathlon today. I love the fact that we can test these workouts to see how we compare to the best of the best. But what I really love is that we all get a chance to prove to ourselves that we are CAPABLE of doing these workouts.

Sure, we have to scale these things and our times aren’t world records, but we CAN do them. That is the beauty of CrossFit - it can be modified so anyone can do the workout of the day. There is no prerequisite level of fitness you need to get started. And trying really tough workouts teaches us that we are capable of so much more than we think sometimes. And even if you can’t do the RX version of the workout, it gives you something to work towards.

The other thing that jumps out at me is that we would have never thought about programming this workout in 2014 when it was announced at the Games. CrossFit, fitness, this gym, or whatever you want to call it has evolved so much in those five years. When I started in 2010 this workout would have been crazy even for Games athletes. Now we have plenty of people capable of completing this workout RX in this gym. And sure, it took those people years of work to get to that point, but with hard work you can get there.

Remember that this fitness thing is a life-long pursuit. It doesn’t happen in a day, a month, or a year so enjoy the process!

Here’s the video of the Muscle Up Biathlon from 2014 for some inspiration.

Workout for Friday, July 12
2014 CF Games "Muscle Up Biathlon"

For Time
400 meter Run
18 Ring Muscle-Ups
400 meter Run
15 Ring Muscle-Ups
400 meter Run
12 Ring Muscle-Ups

*Any time a set is broken, 200m Penalty Run. (One all around the building)

Time Cap: 25 minutes

*Scale RMU w/ Hardest Pull Up Option + Push Ups

CrossFit 616
Thursday, July 11

Important gym info! Please read it all today!

Please make a note on your schedule that we will not have the 7 pm class on Thursday, July 25 for a coaches meeting. Thank you!

This Saturday and Sunday the Fresh Coast Games are taking place at Pere Marquette Park in Muskegon. This is a CrossFit competition on the beach and it’s lots of fun to go watch and hang out. We have people competing Saturday and Sunday this year, so if you want to hang out on the beach, come on out! Click here for directions.

Also, on Saturday, July 27 the CrossFit class will be held at the Briggs Park Track. It’s just across the river from the gym as you can see on the map below. On that day we will move Weightlifting and Elements classes up 15 minutes so we can wrap up and get to the track. So those classes will start at 8 am and the track meet will start at 9:30 am. More details to come!

And on Saturday, August 24 we are tubing the Muskegon River! Put it on your calendars now!

Workout for Thursday, July 11
Squat Clean Thruster Practice
3 Touch and Go Squat Clean Thrusters
Rest 1 min, Increase Weight
2 Touch and Go Squat Clean Thrusters
Rest 1 min, Increase Weight
1 Squat Clean Thruster

Build Up to Heaviest Complex through 5 Working Sets
1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Power Clean

CrossFit 616
Wednesday, July 10

Here’s a great interview with perennial CrossFit Games competitor Kara Saunders on training while pregnant, and how she approaches training now as a new mom. Kara is one of the best CrossFit athletes in the world, but she has great perspective on how to balance motherhood and training as a professional athlete.

I really love the fact that she is not placing any expectations on herself. She did the Open in March this year and scaled many of the movements, and while she wants to get back to the Games next year, she knows there is a chance that might not happen - and she is ok with that!

She also points out how her fitness prepared her for labor (all 54 hours!) We talk a lot about using our fitness outside of the gym and being prepared for anything, but sometimes we’re just thinking about going for a hike, playing sports, or other physical activity. But being healthy and fit can play a much more important role. Maybe your training will come in handy for having a child or staying safe in an accident. And that’s way more important than setting a new PR on your deadlift or besting your last Fran time.

Watch the video to hear more from Kara on how her perspective changed and how she is approaching training now. And remember, there are other things in life that take priority over working out. While we all should strive to be healthy and fit, there are times when we need to step back, take the pressure off ourselves and enjoy the gifts of life.

Read more from Morning Chalk Up here.

Workout for Wednesday, July 10
Triple 3
3,000 Meter Row
300 Double Unders
3 Mile Run

CrossFit 616
Tuesday, July 9

Anna Howard sent me some inspiration for today’s blog - thanks Anna!

While in a meeting the other day, the leader was discussing having proper motivation to take action.  A person can either seek motivation causing them to act or, disregard motivation, becoming a spectator of their own life.  The former triggers change, action, and results.  The latter is a person remaining idle, usually saying things like “it sure would be nice to…I wish I could…too bad I can’t…”  The spectator watches their life, hoping something could change but rarely acting on it.

I love this. I see so many inspirational or motivational things every day on social media, but how many times do we actually take action on that motivation? I know I had to take a break from reading self-help books for a while because I was taking in all of this information on how to get better at A or B, but rarely doing anything with it.

I felt like I need to step back for a bit and figure out what I could really act on. What new skills can I actually develop and use in my day-to-day life instead of just knowing about a bunch of things I should be doing?

Anna also included this great quote from Oscar Wilde, “To become a spectator of one’s own life is to escape the suffering of life.”

The suffering of life is what makes us. It builds our character and makes us stronger - in the gym and elsewhere.

Don’t skip out on the suffering. Don’t be a spectator. What can you take action on right now?

Hopefully this bit of motivation is something that sparks action in your life! Thanks Anna!

Workout for Tuesday, July 9
For Time
10 - 8 - 6 - 4 - 2
Deadlifts (185/125)
Burpees Over the Bar
Pull ups

Rest 2 min

8 - 6 - 4 - 2
Deadlifts (225/155)
Burpees Over the Bar
C2B Pull Ups

Rest 2 min

6 - 4 - 2
Deadlifts (275/185)
Burpees Over the Bar
Bar Muscle Ups

CrossFit 616
Monday, July 8

As we grow as a gym and community we want to continue to offer more options for you and others to experience CrossFit 616 in different ways. In order to do this we will be raising our current membership rates to keep up with our growing costs and offer more down the road.

Our rates for new members increased at the end of June and those prices do not affect current members. However, current members will see an increase of $10 per month starting September 1.

We have always believed in the unlimited CrossFit model - your membership gets you access to all of the classes we offer, rather than charging a-la-cart for CrossFit, weightlifting, open gym, etc. We hope you take advantage of everything we offer and use your membership to the fullest. We have never been in the business of selling memberships and hoping you don't show up.

Our goals for future growth include adding classes, staff, and more community events. Unfortunately those things cost money, and our current costs continue to rise.

No one likes increased prices and trust us when we say we wish we didn't have to. But for us to continue to grow and reach our goals of providing the best training, facility and equipment, a price increase is necessary.

Thank you for understanding and please let us know if you have any questions.

Workout for Monday, July 8
Back Squat
10 - 8 - 6 - 4
*Increase Weight as Reps Decrease

2 Rounds For Time:
15 Single Arm DB Thrusters Right Arm (50/35)
15 Single Arm DB Thrusters Left Arm
150 Double Unders

CrossFit 616
Friday, July 5

The other day the workout had handstand walks in it. This is a weakness of mine (Brian), and I was looking forward to practicing them in the class. I have a hard time forcing myself to practice skills outside of class, so I need to take full advantage when they’re in class.

So I had 10 rounds, one minute each, to work on handstand walking. Here we go! I kick up, plant my hands, and reach my feet towards the ceiling - for about two seconds. Then I came right back down. I did it again and again, never really getting more than four feet at a time.

Three or four rounds into the workout I wondered whether I should move to a different option - wall walks, or shoulder touches. I decided not to. Not because those movements aren’t as good for you or because they are “scaled,” but because I needed to keep trying.

Trust me, I scale weights and movements all of the time when it is appropriate (quite often), but I knew that what I needed to do that day was keep kicking up and trying to walk on my hands. It was all about getting in reps and continuing to practice. And not giving up.

We try to work with you daily on picking the right weights and movements that will get you the best bang for your buck on each workout. There’s not one right answer for everyone, but for the most part, we can find the right answer for you before the workout begins. Then it’s about grit. Then you have the challenge in front of you and you keep pushing through.

What I am talking about is not giving up when things get hard. There are times when we know you need to switch to a different option because that’s the right thing at that time. But there are times when we need to commit to the challenge and not give up.

Don’t just get tired and modify. Don’t take weight off the bar because the reps are getting tougher. If you are still moving safely don’t give yourself an out. It’s supposed to be hard.

We’re always watching and sometimes we jump in and modify weights and movements mid workout. We’ve been coaching people for lots of years and know when it’s time to change. What I am encouraging you to do is to try to embrace the challenge and keep pushing. I think you’ll find yourself stronger mentally and physically if you do.

Workout for Friday, July 5
Strict Press
*Build Up in Weight to Find 5 Rep Max

9 min AMRAP
10 Shoulder to Overhead (95/65)
15 Box Jumps

CrossFit 616
Thursday, July 4

Happy Independence Day! Come get your holiday started with Hotshots 19 - a hero workout that honors the nineteen members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots firefighting team who tragically lost their lives while fighting a fire in Yarnell, Arizona on June 20, 2013.

This is a long and grueling workout. You can choose to do this on your own if you’re prepared for this much work, or you can do it with a partner and help each other through it. Either way, give your all on it and we can honor these heros together.

Only one class that starts at 8 am!

Workout for Thursday, July 4
"Hotshots 19"
6 Rounds For Time
30 Air Squats
19 Power Cleans (135/95 lb)
7 Strict Pull-Ups
400 meter Run

CrossFit 616
Wednesday, July 3

Here’s an article for all the parent or future parents out there. This generation of young people will be the first to grow up surrounded by devices and screens at all times. While this can be a great resource for learning and entertainment, it can also bring some problems.

If you are worried about your kids and screen time, here’s an article that can offers some tips from experts on how to approach the subject: At Your Wits' End With A Screen-Obsessed Kid? Read This

I am not sure anyone has all the answers on this, and we are still learning how screen time will affect kids and adults. Like most things, I believe a good balance helps. Get outside, turn off the screens before bed, but use them when you need to, and hopefully you will find these devices adding to your happiness instead of bringing you down.

Holiday Schedule:
July 4 - 8 am - one class (individual or partner WOD - come and see!)
July 5 - 6, 7, 8:30 am
July 6 - Closed

Workout for Wednesday, July 3
5 Touch and Go Power Snatches
Rest 1 min, Increase Weight
3 Touch and Go Power Snatches
Rest 1 min, Increase Weight
1 Power Snatch

Bike 100 / 70 cal for Time

CrossFit 616
Tuesday, July 2

Check out the video below from The Gymnastics Course (formerly CrossFit Gymnastics). It really shows how you have to maintain tension throughout the movement, especially in the transition phase.

We see lots of people just trying to swing themselves over the rings and there’s no transition into pushing down on the rings. You have to push down to continue travelling over the rings rather than trying to pull yourself all the way over or just use momentum.

If you can do 15 pull ups and 15 ring dips but can’t get the transition of the muscle up, maybe this video will help. There’s obviously a strength component, but technique really matters!

Workout for Tuesday, July 2
Ring Muscle Up Practice
5 Rounds
30 seconds Max Reps
60 Seconds Rest

*Scale Options:
Bar Muscle Ups
Kipping Pull Ups (No Butterfly)
Ring Rows / Bar Rows

For Time:
DB Thrusters (50/35)
Burpees Over the DBs

CrossFit 616
Monday, July 1

I love this post from Iraki Nutrition on adherence. It’s the most important thing when it comes to exercise and nutrition. Like he says in the post - a lot of people want to find the little secret, the supplement, or the one magic exercise instead of focusing on the basics over the long haul - or, putting the cart before the horse.

Make your training or nutrition plan realistic, enjoyable, and flexible and you’ll find it’s a lot easier to stick to it long term and see real, lasting results!

View this post on Instagram

👨🏻‍🔬As Dr. Helms said back in 2015, “do not put the cart before the horse” which is a proverb that means essentially you're getting ahead of yourself and you're on the losing side of priorites. The point here is that priorities are a point usually missed out on when it comes to training: we often focus on the minutiae rather than the big rocks such as the perfect amount of volume we should do for that muscle group before even starting the program. - 💪🏽The training process has to be realistic, enjoyable and flexible. To make it stick to your mind you can use the simple “REF yourself” memory tool. - 😎The first things to consider when planning your training are schedule and time frame. You need to consider your real life week-to-week and day-to-day tasks before planning how many sets of biceps or squats sessions you can do. If you've decided that the optimal program for you should be a 5 days split including 2 hours sessions but you have a demanding job, a family and other hobbies, then you should reconsider how realistic is sustaining this approach over the long term. Concentrate on what you can do over the long run and how you can implement training around your life and not the opposite. - 😀Now, the plan needs to enjoyable as well. Even if it would be suboptimal in some cases in terms of frequency or intensity, the fact that you enjoy it will improve your adherence and overall consistency. The optimal training plan not only exists just in your mind or on paper but also does not equal sustainable. - ☝🏽Flexibility is the overall theme of the pyramid because being flexible is critical: it allows you to enjoy your training and ultimately to be realistic. Anything that creates a negative stress in your life can undermine your progress, thus autoregulation based on energy levels and daily pressures are excellent tools to match your training stress to your life's ability to manage stress. - 😉Stay tuned for the next level of the training pyramid! - 📊Infographic by @eliaolivierobarbon

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Workout for Monday, July 1

CrossFit 616
Friday, June 28

Happy Friday! Remember that next week we will have a modified schedule for the July 4 weekend.

Thursday, July 4 - one class only at 8 am
Friday, July 5 - only morning classes - 6, 7, 8:30 am
Saturday, July 6 - closed

We’ve got some calories to row today, so here’s some tips. Surprise - your rowing technique shouldn’t change whether you are rowing for calories or meters!!!!

Workout for Friday, June 28
Annie on a Boat
Sit Ups
Calorie Row
Double Unders

CrossFit 616
Thursday, June 27

I saw this interesting article the other day and think it’s worth sharing. Before you read the headline I think it’s important to remind you that headlines don’t tell the full story. So please read the full article if you can.

The fact is, we’re eating too much unhealthy stuff as a society and exercise alone can’t fix that. It’s not just sugar, but most of the processed foods we’re consuming are loaded with excess sugars. Also, exercise has plenty of health benefits even if it can’t counteract a poor diet, especially when it comes to weight loss.

So, check out this article: Exercise Can't Save Us: Our Sugar Intake Is The Real Culprit, Say Experts

We’ve always said you can’t out exercise a bad diet and there is real science to support this. Until we as a society start making real changes in our diets, we will continue to see health problems related to obesity and poor nutrition.

Hopefully you have taken charge of your diet and are making better choices and not just relying on an hour of working out each day.

Workout for Thursday, June 27
Front Squat
10 - 8 - 6 - 4 - 2
*Increase Weight as Reps Decrease

For Time:
100 Bar Facing Burpees

CrossFit 616
Wednesday, June 26

It’s Wednesday Friendsday! Bring a friend to any class time to try CrossFit for the first time!

Now here’s a scary article I saw: Horns are growing on young people’s skulls. Phone use is to blame, research suggests.

We talk about movement, position, and posture a lot in the gym, but you’re spending way more time outside of the gym and, unfortunately, too much of that time is spent looking at some kind of screen.

And now we are growing horns because of it.

OK, this is probably less likely to happen to us as adults, but I feel like this is something we should all be conscious of, especially if you have young children.

I doubt screen use and mobile devices are going away any time soon, so learning good posture and reinforcing it through good movement is becoming more and more important.

Don’t let your hard work of strengthening good positions in the gym go to waste by being in poor positions the other 16ish hours you are awake.


Workout for Wednesday, June 26
6 Rounds for Time
400m Run
15 Russian KB Swings (70/53)

CrossFit 616