Monday, June 25

Huge thank you to all of you that helped out at the MidSummer Meltdown on Saturday! I know we say this a lot, but we really can not do these things without you and we received a ton of complements on how nice and attentive you all were. Thanks for making 616 the best!

We are so proud of all of you that competed as well. I think a lot of you learned a lot about what you are capable of and have a new confidence in some things. Congratulations to you all for pushing yourselves and representing 616 so well with your quality movement and attitudes!

Remember that the kids classes start Tuesday! If you haven't signed up your kids yet, please email us at to get them in.

Workout for Monday, June 25
Back Squat
1X2 @ 80%
1X1 @ 85%
1X2 @ 80%
1X1 @ 85%
1X1 @ 90%

Thrusters (95/65)
Burpees Over the Bar
Run 100m


CrossFit 616
Thursday, June 21

Remember the MidSummer Meltdown is this Saturday! That means no classes, but we have lots of people competing and volunteering so if you can swing by please come cheer them on!

I was reading this article, BS as Rx'd: The Magic Fitness Pill, in the CrossFit Journal and it really got me thinking about our culture and how it relates to health and fitness. As a society we have been looking for the magic fitness pill for years, but it just doesn't exist.

In the article he says that most research on exercise is about how little work we can do and still get results. How little can we workout, how strict do I really have to be with my diet?

I love that we have a group of people at 616 who don't think that way. We have people that love to show up and work hard to get the results they want.

Can you imagine approaching other parts of your life with the attitude of doing as little as possible? Would you get very far in your job? Would you be a good parent or friend?

The expression anything worth doing is worth doing well comes to mind. Don't just settle for the bare minimum. Push yourself and give your best effort and you may surprise yourself with the results!

Workout for Thursday, June 21
10 min of Double Under Practice
*If you have DU, 5 min to Establish Max Unbroken Set 

13 min AMRAP
15 Sit Ups
15 Russian KB Swings (70/53)
300 Meter Row

CrossFit 616
Wednesday, June 20

We are working on kipping today leading into pull ups, toes to bar, muscle ups and more. Whatever you want your kip to lead to, it should start with two basic shapes - the hollow and the arch.

If you can learn to keep your body in a nice tight hollow and arch, you will progress much faster and be much more efficient in all of these gymnastics movements.

Check out the video and the caption from CrossFit Gymnastics on how to work that hollow/arch swing.


Wednesday, June 20
Kipping Practice - Pull Ups, T2B, Muscle Ups, etc.
Hold Object between Feet and/or Knees to practice tight positions

5 Rounds for Time
11 T2B
10 Pull Ups
Run 1 Lap

CrossFit 616
Tuesday, June 19

If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times: You can't out exercise a bad diet. 

The article Diet Is the Difference in the CrossFit Journal chronicles one woman's journey from starting CrossFit at 390 pounds and not losing much weight for years. Until she got her diet in order. 

She and her trainer focused on health and not the number on the scale and she has made significant gains, but it took her deciding she needed a real change to make it all happen. 

If you are struggling with diet or seem to be plateaued, let us know and we will try to help. But remember, no matter what you do in the gym, there are 23 other hours in the day that count too!

Workout for Tuesday, June 19
16 min to Build to Heavy Complex
1 Squat Clean + 1 Front Squat

Back Squat
5X2 @ 75% to 85%

CrossFit 616
Monday, June 18

MidSummer Meltdown Judges: Please make sure to attend one of the meetings on Tuesday or Wednesday at 7 pm to review movement standards and scoring!

It's competition week for many of you. Here's some tips leading up to the MidSummer Meltdown!

1. Workout like normal Monday through Wednesday. You can take Thursday a little easy (70-80%) and then take Friday really easy. On Friday, I'd recommend moving some, but not doing a CrossFit workout or lifting heavy. Maybe a run or row and some mobility work.

2. On Friday and Saturday, don't eat anything you are not used to eating. You'll want to eat plenty of food, but no need to do any extra loading up and definitely don't eat anything that will make your stomach upset. During the competition, you'll want food you can easily digest and that can provide quick energy. Simple carbohydrates like fruit or good quality bars are sometimes easier to eat than a chicken breast and rice between workouts.

3. Get plenty of sleep leading up to Saturday. Being well rested and recovered can help as much as anything.

4. Be ready for anything - bring a change of clothes, have all of your equipment (belts, wraps, tape, etc.) ready to go the night before, and get to the competition with time to spare so you can get set up and relax a little.

These are the basics. No matter what, show up, work hard and have a blast! We are super proud of you all just for signing up, and I am sure you will make us proud on gameday!

Workout for Monday, June 18
Pull Up Progressions

5 Rounds for Time
7 Power Snatches (95/65)
7 Overhead Squats (95/65)
Run 400m

CrossFit 616
Friday, June 15

Happy Friday! 

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Workout for Friday, June 15
EMOM 3 min
1 Full Snatch
Rest 1 min - Increase Weight
EMOM 3 min
1 Full Snatch
Rest 1 min - Increase Weight
EMOM 3 min
1 Full Snatch

9 - 7 - 5
Ring Muscle Ups
Full Snatches (135/95)

Pull ups or ring rows + hand release push ups for muscle up scale
Power snatch scale for full snatch

CrossFit 616
Thursday, June 14

First longer run test of the season! Hopefully you approach this just like any other benchmark we do here. It's easy to get excited about Fran and Diane, but can you bring that same intensity to a running test?

Focus on your form and breathing and the time will go by much faster. Plus, you will be more efficient and that will make the run easier and faster as well.

A two mile test can be more of a mental test than physical. I know you are all capable of finishing a two mile course, but how much can you push through the entire thing? Take it 400, 200, 100 meters at a time. Maybe, as you reach the end you are taking it one step at a time. That's ok, but keep going.

I love this video with Josh Bridges on mental toughness. Like he says, "It doesn't hurt that much more to run just a little bit faster."


Workout for Thursday, June 14
For Time:
Run 2 Miles

Handstand Practice or Kipping Practice

CrossFit 616
Wednesday, June 13

If you signed up to volunteer for the MidSummer Meltdown you should have received an email with job assignments and dates for our judges meetings. Please make sure you can attend one of these meetings to go over the standards and scoring for each workout. And thank you so much for volunteering!

Here's a great article from NPR called Want Your Child To Eat (Almost) Everything? There Is A Way

So, I'm not a parent and I'm not here to tell you how to feed your kids, but there is some great advice in here on how to get your kids to eat and enjoy healthy foods, rather than the kids menu staples of chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and mac and cheese.

"They're born preferring salty and sweet, and if those tastes are in foods, most kids are going to be very attracted to them," says Leann Birch, a research psychologist with the University of Georgia. Birch has spent more than four decades researching why kids eat what they eat. She says parents should expect their kids to reject new foods at first.

"That's really just an inbuilt response to something that's new," Birch says. It's called neophobia. But if you expose kids enough times to different flavors — including sour, bitter and even spicy ones, but don't force it – "they typically will learn to eat a lot of new things."

We've got a lot of new parents out there and some of those kids haven't started onto whole foods yet. I'd love to hear about how kids react to certain foods when tasting them for the first time. 

And, like the article says, don't lose hope. There will be battles over this, "But if you've made a nutritious meal and your kid still won't eat it? Ball says don't stress about it. Your kid won't starve. "I very firmly believe that children do a really good job of eating when they're hungry and not eating when they're not hungry," he says."

I wish you all good luck!

Workout for Wednesday, June 13
EMOM 30 min - Rotate Through Movements
1) 10/7 Damper Setting Row Sprint - 15/10 Calories
2) Alternating Single Arm DB Press - 10 Reps Total
3) Supinated Grip Bent Over Barbell Rows - 7 Reps
4) Kneeling Banded Rotations - 5 Reps Each Side
5) ME UB Strict Pull Ups / 3 Negative Pull Ups / ME UB Ring Rows

CrossFit 616
Tuesday, June 12

We want you all to know that we are here for you. Sometimes it seems like we are surrounded by negativity and bad news, but we want you to know that you have a safe place at CrossFit 616.

If you are struggling with life, feeling down, or just need someone to vent to, we are here. We're not experts in mental health or social work, but we are good listeners and we do care about you. 

The recent news of celebrity suicides, and seeing so many people in my social media feeds talk about their struggles with mental health and depression, made me think we needed to let everyone know that we are here for you. 

I heard one news story say that suicide is on the rise in this country and now more people die from that each year than in car crashes. It doesn't need to be this way. We need to take the mental health of people in this country more seriously. And I'm just taking the first step in letting you know we are available to talk. 

Again, we're not doctors or experts in this stuff, but we can listen and we can help you find help if you need it. We may not know the perfect thing to say, but we promise we'll listen and do whatever we can to help.

Workout for Tuesday, June 12
Run 1 Mile For Time

- Rest 4 min - 

4 Rounds for Time:
25 Russian KB Swings (70/53)
25 Push Ups
Run 1 Lap

CrossFit 616
Monday, June 11

The 616 Kids program starts Tuesday, June 26! Give as email to get your kids signed up soon so we can better plan these classes. Remember, we need at least FIVE kids per age group (6-9, 10-14) to hold the class.

If your child is on the edge or just outside one of these age groups and they really want to do this, please let us know. We will try hard to make this work for everyone while making sure we keep the kids safe!

Email us at to get signed up today!

Also, if you are able to volunteer for USAW Youth Nationals this week they are paying $25 per shift. You'll also get a t-shirt and a meal if you're there during lunch or dinner times. Here's the link to sign up! Thank you!

Workout for Monday, June 11
1 min of Work
1 min of Rest
Each Minute of Work Starts with 9/6 Cal Bike Buy In
In remainder of Minute:
Thrusters (95/65)
Pull Ups
then move onto:
Overhead Squats (95/65)
*Complete both 15-12-9 workouts in as few rounds as possible.
*Pick up wherever you left off each minute of work, after buy-in

CrossFit 616
Friday, June 8

Remember, only weightlifting class at the gym tomorrow (Sat., June 9) at 8-9 am. The gym closes at 9 so we can head to Cannonsburg and be ready to go by 9:30. All classes (CrossFit, Elements, Extra Credit) will be held at Cannonsburg at 9:30 am.

A couple of things you need to know:

  • We will have a cooler with water, but feel free to bring your own.
  • Cannonsburg is technically closed on the weekends, so there are no bathrooms. However, there are plenty of trees.
  • Wear shoes you can run in but don't mind getting a little dirty. (This goes for your clothes as well.)
  • They're calling for some rain on Saturday morning right now. Hopefully that changes, but we will have class at Cannonsburg rain or shine. If it is unsafe we will make a decision by 8:30 am and post it on our Facebook page and the Facebook Community Group.

Workout for Friday, June 8
3 Hang Power Cleans
Rest 1 min, Increase Weight
2 Hang Power Cleans
Rest 1 min, Increase Weight
1 Hang Power Clean

"Nasty Girls"
3 Rounds for time
50 Air Squats
7 Muscle Ups
10 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

CrossFit 616
Thursday, June 7

USA Weightlifting Youth Nationals are in Grand Rapids next weekend and they are still in need of a few volunteers. When I initially asked you all for help they needed bar loaders, but that has changed and they really need help with other tasks like set-up, escorting athletes to drug tests, floaters, etc...

None of these jobs require any knowledge of weightlifting. 

If you can help out that would be greatly appreciated. If you signed up on the previous link, that sheet is no longer in use. You can use this link to sign up for the other spots.

Thank you!

Workout for Thursday, June 7
17 min AMRAP
21 Pistol Squats
Run 400m
15 Pistol Squats
Run 400m
9 Pistol Squats
Run 400m
*Start back at round of 21*

CrossFit 616
Wednesday, June 6

Check this out...

You can read the full study here.

This isn't saying being an Olympic medalist or chess grandmaster MAKES you live longer, but the study does show these two groups tend to live longer than the general population.

What this says to me is that if you care enough about something to reach the highest level you must be taking care of yourself. We easily believe that Olympic athletes are treating their bodies well, but maybe mental athletes are too. 

I don't think you can be truly great at something while letting your health fall apart. I'm sure there are cases that are the exception to this (drug addicted artists and musicians come to mind), but what if those people had taken care of themselves? Could they have been that much better?

If you want to achieve greatness, start by taking care of yourself. Also, you'll probably live longer!

Workout for Wednesday, June 6
4 minutes of Work, 4 min of Rest
Buy in with 500m Row, then AMRAP of:
30 Double Unders
Max Effort T2B in Remaining Time
*Scale DU with 60 Single Unders*

CrossFit 616
Tuesday, June 5

Watched this guy compete at Regionals over the weekend and was amazed at what he has accomplished in such a short time in CrossFit after being addicted to heroin just a few years ago.

I think many of us have addictive personalities, which is why we keep coming back to these hard workouts over and over. Luckily, CrossFit seems to fill the void for some when they're trying to kick drugs, alcohol and more. Like the announcers said on the broadcast - there's nothing better to be addicted to than fitness.

Even if you just have some bad habits, or energy that is going towards negative things, try to channel those into something productive. Take it out on the barbell, go for a run, just clear your head. I'm so thankful I found something that really changed my life, and I want to share that with everyone. 

Here's a quick video from CrossFit telling his story. 


Workout for Tuesday, June 5
Push Press
*Work From Floor

For Time
9 Power Cleans (135/95)
Run 1 Lap
9 Power Cleans (155/105)
Run 1 Lap
9 Power Cleans (185/125)
Run 1 Lap
9 Power Cleans (205/135)
Run 1 Lap

CrossFit 616
Monday, June 4

We're heading to Cannonsburg THIS Saturday to workout. All classes except Weightlifting will be at Cannonsburg at 9:30 am - this includes Elements and Extra Credit. Let's put our fitness to use outside the gym! (Weightlifting has been moved up on this day to 8 am so we can finish by 9 and get to Cannonsburg.)

You do need to sign up for Saturday's class on Mindbody, but there is no cap on attendance this week. Also, we will be done working out by 11 am, if you need to leave before that just let us know.

The BIRTHFIT Postpartum has officially started. This class will be held from 7-8:15 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays through June 28. This means the new gym space will not be available for Open Gym during that time. The old gym may have room if you want to work on something, but the CrossFit class will get priority. Thanks!

Also, we could still use a few more volunteers for the MidSummer Meltdown on June 23 if you can help out. Please sign up by the end of this week. Thank again!

Workout for Monday, June 4
Front Squat
Building Up with Good Reps

Pull Up Progressions

CrossFit 616
Friday, June 1

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, we are starting a kids program at 616. This will be a four-week program that will offer two classes per week. There will be two different age groups and separate classes for each age group. 

The program will be begin on Tuesday, June 26 and will go through Thursday, July 19. The age groups will be 6-9 and 10-14. The 6-9 year old class will be from 8:30-9:15 am Tuesday and Thursday, and the 10-14 year old class will be from 9:30 to 10:30 am Tuesday and Thursday.

The younger kids will play more games while learning to control their bodies in space. They won't be introduced to weights or barbells. We will incorporate medicine balls and other soft equipment for them to play with.

The older kids will do a modified version of CrossFit that is appropriate for their ages. They will learn how to move their bodies and use CrossFit equipment (barbells, dumbbells, etc.) safely and properly.

There is a minimum of FIVE kids per group - we cannot hold the class if we do not get five kids in that age group signed up.

The four-week (8 class) program will be $120 per child. You can sign up your kids by emailing

If you have questions about the program details or anything else, please email as well.

Workout for Friday, June 1
For Time:
1000m Row
50 Thrusters @ 45#
30 Pull Ups

*Compare to 9/1/17

- Rest Exactly 5 min after Jackie, then:
1 mile Run for Time

CrossFit 616
Thursday, May 31

We've talked about intensity before, but here's a great discussion from Ben Bergeron on what intensity means. It's not that hard to figure out, but it is hard to do on a regular basis. It just means that you show up and work really hard. 

Some people love working hard and some don't. But the only way to get results is to work hard. This isn't just about CrossFit, as he points out in the video. If you want to get good at anything - your job, playing an instrument, video games - you have to work hard at that endeavor. That's as simple as it can be. 

Intensity is what gets you results. If you're not working hard when you are here, you may be wasting your time. 

Check out the video for more insights into intensity and exactly what it means in CrossFit and fitness. 

Workout for Thursday, June 1
Every 1:30 min for 15 min
1 Snatch + 2 Overhead Squats
*Build Up in Weight with Good Reps

Front Squats
3X2 @ 80% to 85%
4X1 @ 90% to 95%

CrossFit 616
Wednesday, May 30

It's Wednesday FriendsDay! Bring a friend to any class time throughout the day to try CrossFit for the first time!

Many of you know Coach Josh who coaches some high school athletes in sports performance and speed and agility work. This program is expanding and we will be hosting a 6-week program here at the gym starting June 26.

This is a comprehensive program for serious high-school athletes. Josh is a Certified Physical Preparation Specialist (CPPS) and a Certified Speed and Agility Coach (CSAC) accredited through the National Sports Performance Association (NSPA). Tomaszewski specializes in producing explosive strength and speed with any athlete, which he or she can use in every sport. He has a passion for enhancing an athlete’s sport performance and has more than 14 years of experience. 

See the flier for details and click here to get signed up today!



Workout for Wednesday, May 30
Building Up in Weight w/ Good Position!

5 Rounds for Time:
Row 15/11 Calories
10 Russian KB Swings (70/53)
10 T2B

CrossFit 616
Tuesday, May 29

This Wednesday is Wednesday FriendsDay! Bring a friend to any class throughout the day to try CrossFit for the first time!

If you have trouble telling people about CrossFit, and specifically CrossFit 616, please share this video. This video represents who we are as a gym and a community and, hopefully, when people see it they will see that CrossFit is for anyone. 

If your friends and family have questions or concerns about CrossFit we would be happy to talk to them. But as usual, the best way to understand what we do is try it. Hope we see them Wednesday!


Workout for Tuesday, May 29
Mashing and Mobility

EMOM 30 min
1) 30 Double Unders + 10 Sit Ups
2) 5 Touch and Go Clean and Jerks (135/95)
3) Bike Sprint 10/7 Cal

CrossFit 616