First Pullup!

For those of you that know Meghan, you know she doesn't like not being good at anything. So what does she do? She works really hard and gets better. Pretty simple, but effective. Meghan's hard work has paid off on double unders already and her next challenge was the pullup. Well, she got her first pullup tonight and added another for good measure.

Can't wait to see her take on the next challenge. What do you need to get better at? Come early or stay after and ask a trainer for help, or just set the clock and go to work. See you all tomorrow.











Workout for Friday, November 11

Warmup 3 Rounds 10 Jumping Jacks 10 Inchworm pushups 10 Good Mornings 10 Superman

Skill 10 Rounds Agility Runs

WOD 5 Min AMRAP 5 Deadlift (225/155) 10 Bar facing burpees

Rest 2 minutes

5 Min AMRAP 8 Box Jumps 12 Toes to Bar 16 Kettlebell Swings

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