Friday, Nov. 18, 2011

So Kelly and I (Brian) did a swim WOD tonight and it was eye opening. I was on the swim team for most of my adolescent life, but I was hurting after this one. However, I really enjoyed doing something different. I also know that had I not been CrossFitting it would have been much worse. I was able to get through the workout, with much slower times than high school, but it proved to me that what we do will translate to real life and allow me to do pretty much anything. That's why we train after all, to be better at life. With the holidays coming up you'll probably have an erratic schedule, so don't be afraid to look for workouts in different areas. Go to the pool, play football in the back yard, just enjoy life. Don't get so caught up in your Fran time and forget why you are doing Fran to begin with. Workout for Friday, Nov. 18

Warmup With Kettlebell/dumbbell 10 Front Squats 10 OHS each arm 10 Press each arm 10 Push Press each arm 10 Push Jerk each arm 10 Deadlift 10 High Pulls 10 Cleans each arm

Skill Muscle Up progressions

WOD 10-8-6-4-2 Muscle Ups Handstand Pushups