Tuesday, Dec. 12, Why Do We Train?

I posted the video on our Facebook page but wanted to share it here as well. Some CrossFit guys talking about lifting odd objects.

I love this because it reminds us why we do CrossFit. We throw around the phrase "functional movements" a lot, but I am not sure everyone stops to think about what that means

Functional movements are natural human movements - squats, presses, lifting things off the ground. They are safe movements because they are natural to us and they allow us to move large loads long distances quickly. How else can you move 250 pounds off the ground? Better have a flat back, straight arms and drive through the heels.

But why do we train these movements? Because we want to be better at life. So next time I need to pick something up, put something on a shelf over my head or just get out of a chair, I can do it with ease or minimal effort. Our training should translate into everyday life. If not, we are doing something wrong.

Workout for Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2011

Warmup 3 Rounds 10 Situps 10 Ring Rows 10 Box Dips 10 OHS

Strength/Skill Ring Dips 3 Sets max reps

WOD Death by Thrusters (65/45)