Wednesday, Dec. 14 - Nutrition!

I love seeing new people come through our doors to give CrossFit a try. It's inspiring to see people work hard and reach new fitness goals. I am also happy that people are not waiting for the new year to start a fitness program. Why wait? As you learn new movements in the gym and push yourselves to new limits, please don't forgot the base that supports all of the hard work - nutrition! That's right, in CrossFit's hierarchy of the development of an athlete, nutrition is the the base of the pyramid. So as we approach the new year, take some time to evaluate your diet. Don't be afraid to experiment and see what makes you feel better and perform better in the gym.

We talk a lot about the paleo diet, and I really like how I feel when eating this way. It's not the only diet out there that works for people, but you might be surprised how eliminating certain foods can make you feel. Our bodies are not great at handling gluten and lactose and these intolerances show up more in some people. You may not be completely lactose or gluten intolerant, but you might be surprised at how you feel if you remove those things from your diet.

There are tons of different studies and articles that prove or disprove every diet, so it is impossible to come to a consensus on this, but I just want you to try to clean your diet up and see how you feel. If nothing changes so be it. If you feel better, lose weight and notice changes in your body composition, maybe you should stick with the change.

Barefoot running expert Jason Robillard had a great post on his site about some of the popular diets that's makes you think about how you should approach this whole thing.

I think a great way to start is to just start eating "Real Food." That means things you can grow or kill and be able to eat within the hour. You'll find that you are eating things that nature intended and leaving out a lot of the junk. Stick to the outer rim of the grocery store and you should be fine.

Early next year we will have a diet challenge (that's right, I'm letting you off the hook for the holidays) so start planning now. Think about what you would eat and what you should eat. Don't waste the hard work you put in at the gym and give your body some good quality fuel so you can recover and work hard again tomorrow.

Workout for Wednesday, Dec. 14 Warmup 3 Rounds 10 Good Mornings 10 Glute Box Bridge 10 Leg Raises 10 Superman

Strength Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3

WOD 21-15-9 Kettlebell Swings Burpees