Thursday, Dec. 22

Way to go on "Diane" today. Lots of first-timers on that workout and saw some great results. Remember to keep track of your benchmark scores so when they come up again, you can see how much you have improved. It's also important to note if and how you scaled the workout so we can move up the scale next time. We'll get some pics up soon. Also, we will have normal hours for the rest of the year. 6 am and 6 pm Monday-Friday and 10-Noon on Saturday. Remember, the group WOD on Saturday will start at 10:30 am. Feel free to come early to work on anything or just do some mobility work.

Workout for Thursday, Dec. 22

Warmup 3 Rounds 10 Goblet Squats 10 Dumbell/KB Push Press each side 10 Dumbell/KB Clean each side

Skill Kipping Pullup Practice

WOD 5 Rounds 20 Burpees 40 m Farmers Carry (95/65) 20 Sit Ups