Thursday, Dec. 29

Great work on the clean and jerk today. A very technical lift and we saw some good progress by everyone. Remember that the Olympic lifts are very technical and take years of practice so don't get down if you struggled today. We aren't able to work practice like this in a lot, so try to work on these things yourself. Come early, stay late. We'll be happy to help as much as possible. Special thanks to Colin Burns for helping coach tonight. It's amazing to get instruction from a top-level lifter and it was a great help. Just another reason why I love being a part of this CrossFit/Weightlifting community. Workout for Thursday, Dec. 29

Warmup 500 m Row 3 Rounds 10 Goblet Squats 10 KB Push Press 10 KB Cleans

Ring Pushups 10-10-10

5 Rounds for Time 20 KB swings 16 Barbell Step Ups (45# - 20") 12 Toes to Bar