Tuesday, Jan. 24

We are always harping on proper technique for a lot of reasons. First and foremost because it means we are being safe. If your technique breaks down you open the door to injury and we don't want to go there. Another reason is efficiency. The better your technique the more efficient you can be over the course of a workout. You should increase your power output (force x distance / time) because you aren't wasting any energy with an improper bar path or an early arm pull, for example. I read a good article from Greg Everett at Catalyst Athletics today about why training technique is important and it's something that makes perfect sense, but I'm not sure I had thought of it before. The point is that once you master the proper technique, you can stop thinking about it and put all your effort towards more power. You all know how difficult the olympic lifts can be and we've all suffered from "paralysis by analysis" - thinking too much and not moving properly. Practice the technique on all exercises with light weights so once you go heavy you don't have to think about the little things - you can just go hard. That's when you'll see some big gains and PRs will not be far behind. Check out the article and let me know your thoughts - he is talking about weightlifting, but it applies to anything. Workout for Tuesday, Jan. 24 Warmup Jump Rope 2 Min. 3 Rounds 10 Pass Throughs 10 Pushups 10 Situps 20 Steps Walking Lunge

Skill Muscle Up Practice

WOD For time: 50 Burpees 20 Power Snatches 95/65# 25 Burpees 10 Power Snatches 95/65#