Thursday, Jan. 26

Keeping it simple today with a couplet of deadlifts and pull ups. OK, not that simple, because they're L pull ups and pretty challenging. This was a main-site ( workout earlier this week and since it fit into our program, I thought we'd give it a shot. It's always nice to compare yourself to others. Check out the comments and times from CrossFitters everywhere here. Also, check out the WOD demo from CrossFit 101. It give some good scaling options for the L pull ups.

Workout for Thursday, Jan. 26 Warmup 2 min Run 3 Rounds 10 Situps 10 Superman 10 Good Mornings w/ barbell 10 Jumping Pullups

WOD Seven rounds for time 7 Deadlift (225/155) 7 L-pull-ups

Mobility Hamstring stretch with band Foam Roll lats/lat stretch