Friday, Jan. 27

Another week has flown by and I must say I am really impressed with how you all moved during the workouts. We have been open for about four months and a lot of you were new to CrossFit/anything with a barbell and it's awesome to see the improvement and how comfortable you have become moving weight around - the bar and yourselves. It takes a while to get the form right, but once you do, and you can repeat it easily, you can really add some intensity, and you know we love intensity (a lot of commas there - terrible sentence structure - I apologize - and use hyphens instead). One more good workout to finish off the week. We've done some legit barbell work this week, so we'll keep it basic with some time tested body-weight stuff. Enjoy!

Workout for Friday, Jan. 27 Warmup 30 Jumping Jacks 20 Mountain Climbers 20 Fire Hydrants each leg 10 Inchworm Pushups

Skill Handstand Walks Complete 50 m. Not for time, for quality

WOD 5 Rounds for time 20 Pushups 20 Double Unders 20 Walking Lunge hugging weight (45/25)