Wednesday, Feb. 1

Gonna do some front squats today. Pretty heavy for most of you so if the Rx'd weight is too much, scale it down, but make it a challenge. The first set of 10 should be hard to complete unbroken. Oh yeah, your going to have to clean it up to the front rack as well. So a lot going on here. Remember to get those elbows up on the front rack and drive them up throughout the squat. This will help keep the chest up and the weight in the frontal plane (right over your feet). No drifting onto the toes. Drive through the heels and make the weight go straight up. Finish the squats and it's on to the jerk. Pretty heavy again. Try to get through them so you don't have to keep picking the bar up off the ground. Speed is the key. Push yourself down under the bar after a powerful dip and drive. Shallow dip, explosive drive straight up from the heels. No leaning forward. Make sure the hips fully extend before you drop under the bar. Yes, I know we did jerks on Monday. That's ok, we're going to master the oly lifts and the only way to do it is practice. Finish with a few rope climbs and that's it! Looks like fun. Workout for Wednesday, Feb. 1 Warmup Jump Rope 50 Singles 50 Single Leg (25 each leg) 20 3 singles one double 20 1 single one double 30 Double Unders 3 Rounds 10 Goblet Squats 2 Wall Walks 5 Ring Rows

Pre Mobility Squat Prep

WOD 10 Front Squat (135/95) 10 Push Jerk (135/95) 4 Rope Climb 8 Front Squat (135/95) 8 Push Jerk (135/95) 3 Rope Climb 6 Front Squat (135/95) 6 Push Jerk (135/95) 2 Rope Climb 4 Front Squat (135/95) 4 Push Jerk (135/95) 1 Rope Climb

Post Mobility Couch Stretch Shoulder Capsule Stretch