Friday, Feb. 3

A little weightlifting inspiration for the end of the week. We did the jerk a couple of times this week and you guys are really picking it up quick. The speed under the bar is so important - push yourself down. But makes sure you get full extension in the drive first. Here's a note from The Outlaw Coach Rudy Nielsen on what to look for in the jerk in this video. (If you follow the link to Rudy's site, be ready for some foul language... I'm giving you fair warning.)

Notes: Work on creating space under the bar. Make sure, after elevating the bar off the chest, to actively push down as quickly as possible. Notice the height of the bar when Chad is holding it in the rack position and compare that to the height it is at when he receives it overhead. This is what I mean by creating space under the bar (watch the video until the end, the lift is repeated in slow motion).

Workout for Friday, Feb. 3 Warmup 2 Min Run 3 Rounds 10 Lunges (elbow to floor) 10 Roll to V 10 Leg Swings 10 Pass Throughs

Back Squat 8-8-8-8

WOD Tabata Burpees Ring Dips