Wednesday, Feb. 22

I know I publish these posts the night before, but let's pretend like it's Wednesday already. That means the CrossFit Game Open starts today! Can't wait to see what the first WOD will be. 3,2,1...Go!

If you are participating in the Open, take it easy today. If you do this WOD, just cruise through it, don't worry about the clock or just rest all together. Active rest can be great for recovery, so keep it light and slow.

Workout for Wednesday, Feb. 22 Warmup 3 Rounds 20 Jumping Jacks 20 Mountain Climbers 20 Squats

Strength 5 Sets Max Ring L Sit Hold

WOD 30 Wall Ball 50 Double Unders 25 Wall Ball 40 Double Under 20 Wall Ball 30 Double Unders 15 Wall Ball 20 Double Unders 10 Wall Ball 10 Double Unders