Wednesday, March 14

OK, get it on your calendars now - this Saturday we are doing some sort of St. Patrick's Day WOD with some sort of celebration afterwords. Now I'm not sayin' the WOD will include drinking (optional), but there will definitely be some done afterwords. I think that some Jameson (or Tullemore Dew for you Irish whiskey snobs) should be involved and I'm considering some tabata beer drinking to go along with it. This is certainly not a sanctioned event, but I think we need to have some fun as a group. Yeah, yeah, I know the WODs are fun, but I'm talking about non-exercise fun. We can continue this party as long as you want, just need to find a spot to watch some March Madness. Wear your favorite leprechaun outfit for the WOD and we'll supply the pot of gold at the end. See you Saturday! Workout for Wednesday, March 14 Warmup Run 400 m 3 Rounds 10 Pass Throughs 10 Wall Facing Squats 10 Ring Rows

Strength Weighted Pullups 3-3-3-3-3

WOD 12 Minute AMRAP 250 m Run Med Ball Clean Barbell Step Up