Friday, March 16

Looks like we'll have quite a few people hitting 12.4 on Saturday so let's take some time to do some research on the movements. Here's the Games page on tips and I am sure there are plenty of other resources floating around out there on all of these movements. Pacing was key for everyone that tried it today. Don't let that ball sit on the ground too long. Keep moving and listen to the person counting your reps. When they tell you to pick it up - pick it up. Here's the Mobility WOD link for 12.4 prep too. Videos below:

Workout for Friday, March 16 Warmup Run 400 m 30 Pass Throughs 30 Squats 30 Situps Run 400 m

Skill Pistol Practice 5 sets 5 each leg

WOD 4 Rounds 1 Min ME Pullups 30 Sec. Rest 1 Min ME Pushup 30 Sec. Rest 1 Min ME Superman 3 Sec. Rest