Friday, March 23

These workouts we do are tough. They're supposed to be. If they were easy, everyone would do them and no one would get any results. Challenging yourself in the gym and during a workout is what this is all about. Finding out our weaknesses and attacking them and pushing ourselves to do things we didn't think we could do is why this training method is effective and why we find ourselves mentally and physically stronger every day. I see you guys go above and beyond your goals on a daily basis, and I get super proud and try to convey that to you. Sometimes I think I get more excited than you do when you hit a PR or grasp a new skill. Take pride in what you do. If you have never done something before, do you think it's really going to be easy the first time you try. No way, but I still see you all do new things on a regular basis.

It sucks to fight through double unders when you keep tripping over the rope and it's frustrating when that bar just won't go up anymore, but remember how far you've come. Maybe you only did 10 reps today, but I bet you couldn't do any a few months ago. Sometimes baby steps are annoying, but you'll get there. I've seen your progression so far so there is no doubt in my mind you will accomplish everything you want to. Just give it time and keep working hard. You mental state during the workout is important. Don't waste energy getting mad at the bar. Shake it out and go again.

Great work this week. Like I said, I'm proud of you all and I hope you are proud of yourselves.

See you tomorrow.

Workout for Friday, March 23 Warmup 30 Jump Rope 20 Situps 30 Jump Rope 20 Squats 30 Jump Rope 20 Jumping Jacks 30 Jump Rope 20 Lunges

Strength Barbell Turkish Get Ups 3x3 each side

WOD 10,9,8...3,2,1 Bar Hop Burpees Deadlifts (185/135)

Oh, and if you get tired of the barbell, you can do this...Just not with me.