Tuesday, March 27

Stacie was the first to this one, but I think you all should watch. We do a warm up every day for a reason. The movements in the warm up are designed to get your ready for the workout of the day. We want to hit the main muscle groups we'll be targeting in the workout and we want the entire body to be warm and loose to prevent injury. Make sure you are taking these warm ups seriously and actually getting warm. If you ever feel like you need more, please do it. Come early and work on mobility too. We don't always have 40 minutes to dedicate to the warm up, but we expect you to prepare yourself every day. Also, don't neglect the cool down. Take some time to do a light jog, row or at least some mobility work after the workout. You will thank yourself the next day and your following workouts will be better.

Here's the video:

Workout for Tuesday, March 27 Warm up 30 Jumping Jacks 30 Pass Throughs 30 Squats 30 Arm Circles 30 Overhead Squats 30 Jumping Jacks

Burgener Warmup Snatch Practice

WOD 5 Rounds 10 Power Snatches (95/65) 30 Mountain Climbers