Friday, March 30

Nice job on the "Filthy Fifty" everyone. Special props to Jamie for coming in on what is normally her rest day because she just had to try the workout after she saw it. And she did an awesome job with it. Thanks for your hard work everyone. Split jerks today. Just some skill practice but work up to a heavy single. Not necessarily a 1 rep max, but if you're feeling good go for it.

Here's an intro to the split jerk from Coach B.

Workout for Friday, March 30 Warmup 2 Min Jump Rope 50 Jumping Jacks 20 m Bear Crawl 20 Situps 20 m Bear Crawl 20 Good Mornings 20 m Bear Crawl

1 min Down Dog 1 Min Up Dog

Skill Split Jerk Practice Workup to a Heavy Single

WOD 3 Rounds 10 Push Jerk (135/95) 10 Ring Dips