Wednesday, April 4

Watch this before doing pushups! And, no we don't have a Sling Shot. We can get assistance from going to the knees on the pushup and maintaining the tight midline and the proper shoulder mechanics. Don't rely on some nasty bone-on-bone/tendon loading form to get through pushups. Train the proper mechanics and you will be able to do more in the long run. (Might be harder at first, but you'll thank me later)

Workout for Wednesday, March 4 Warmup 10 KB Front Squats 10 KB Overhead Squats (each arm) 10 KB Press (each arm) 10 KB Push Press (each arm) 10 KB Jerk (each arm) 10 KB Deadlift 10 KB SDLHP 10 KB Clean (each arm)

Skill 5 Rounds - NOT FOR TIME 30 sec. Handstand Hold - away from wall 20 Double Unders

WOD 5 Rounds for time 20 Steps Overhead Walking Lunge (45/25) 20 Pushup