Thursday, April 5

That's right, it's April. Not March. Deadlift WOD today. Check out this video on loading properly and setting up for the deadlift. This is big-time important especially as you get tired during the WOD. We practice these movements a lot outside of the metabolic conditioning WODs to get strong in the right position. Don't let it all go out the window. Get organized and tight before you lift

Workout for Thursday, April 5 Warmup Run/Row 400 m 3 Rounds 20 Mountain Climbers 20 Good Mornings w/ PVC 20 Situps 10 Superman

15 Minute AMRAP 5 Deadlift (275/185) 10 Toes to Bar 15 Wall Ball 3 min Rest Tabata Double Unders

Mobility 2 Min Couch Stretch each leg 2 Min Groin Stretch (see video)

Here's a couch stretch video for reference too